37 Inch TVs

If you are looking for a television for your bedroom, a 37 inch TV is just about the right size. It will not take up an entire wall, but it is large enough that you will be able to see the picture when relaxing in your bed.

Most televisions sold today are flat panel televisions. They can be either plasma televisions or LCD televisions. You will also see some sets advertised as LED televisions. These are essentially LCD televisions that rely on LEDs for the back light rather than relying on fluorescent lamps.

Plasma televisions offer better contrast and thus a clearer picture than LCD televisions. They have a shorter life expectancy and are more expensive than the other sets however.

LCD televisions are noted for lacking contrast. Many manufacturers are trying different ways to use the on board computer in the set to increase contrast. The results are better in some sets than they are in others.

Some LED televisions do offer better contrast than then plain LCD televisions. These sets are able to turn off groups of the LED lights behind the picture when a dark black is needed in the area. This technology can sometimes cause colors to appear less bright than they should. In addition, these televisions will cost more than the plain LCD sets. They offer the longest life as LED lamps are less likely to fade over time to the point that you will no longer be able to see the picture.

One problem that is common to all flat panel televisions, whether Plasma, LED or LCD is that the sound quality is not what you are accustomed to from your older set that used a picture tube. In order to fit the speakers into the thin screen, they must be extremely thin. This causes a loss of sound quality in the upper range of sound quality.

While most flat panel televisions are designed for use on a table top or wall   mounting , in the bedroom, you may want to consider a wall  mounting  bracket that allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the television. Some of the sets have a more limited viewing angle than others. If you try to watch television from the wrong angle the picture will fade out. The adjustable bracket will allow you to adjust the set for viewing while lying in bed or while sitting in a chair without fading of the picture.

While you could spend days reading reviews and narrowing down your choices for which television would work best in your situation, perhaps the best way to select a set is to visit a store that carries several of the televisions on your short list and compare them for yourself side by side. Just remember that the ambient lighting in your home will be very different than it is in the store. In addition, the sound in a large store is going to be different than it is in your bedroom.

Once you choose the 37 inch TV for your home, you will have a set that should last for many years.