3D Color Laser Crystal Tech in China

3D color laser crystal is now has been developed in china, but the technology is not mature. the working process is that the laser is the nothing different or special, just the crystal material is different, the chemical ingredient inside the material is different than the normal crystal material.

After the design engraved inside, it is still white color, then it will be put in a special oven machanism, with different tempreture seting, the exploded design will change color as the ingredients inside the crystal material reacts with the tempreture changes.

Crystal is available in Lead Crystal, Jade Crystal, and Optical Crystal. Each type of crystal carries with it characteristics that make it unique.

The term "Full Lead Crystal" indicates a 24% lead content. The very finest quality crystal will have up to 36% – 70% lead content. High lead content increases clarity, brilliance, and weight.

Jade Crystal is known for its green tint, which comes from an iron ore content in the silica sand used to produce the glass. The color deepens almost to an emerald green as the glass thickens. This crystal is very popular and economic for affordable recognition awards.

Optically Clear Crystal is considered one of the finest types of crystal available. This crystal is as flawless and clear as prescription eyeglasses. The process of grinding and polishing crystal creates a fine piece that contains no distortion and is completely flawless.

Optically Clear Crystal creates rainbow prisms when placed in direct sunlight.

The technology problems still lies and need to be improved, mainly for two reason, the crystal material is not as clear as lead crystal or K9 crystal, and the color inside is not even. Laserfox engineers are now focusing on developping and solving the problem from different directions!