3D Floor Graphics As The Innovative Trend in Advertising

Over the last few years, 3D floor graphics have gained popularity. They have become a powerful and unique method of advertising. Advertising agencies strive to create new and fresh marketing campaigns that grab maximum attention and long-lasting impression. 3D advertising creates an innovative approach that uses attention grabbing graphics to advertise a company’s product or service. This medium utilizes custom graphic 3D designs (indoor and/or outdoor) for any campaign, event or product.

How Can 3D Floor Graphics Promote Your Company?

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor floor, they convey a unique and magnificent conceptual art that incorporates digital graphic design and a lifelike image. These images are installed on the floor to display a logo, message, or brand in a three-dimensional way. This type of media print is designed using a CAD program (computer-aided design), specifically programmed to create 3D graphics, as well as photographs of objects at certain angles to create such effect. After the custom image design is created, a specialized printing company prints the image for final use. When people view something colorful and eye-catching on the floor, they are likely to stop and see what they are walking across. So, this is a great way to transmit the core of your advertising message. The possibilities of maximizing their usage are virtually endless.

Where Can They Be installed?

Whatever your product is, 3D floor graphics advertising will create maximum impact and publicity where potential customers’ eyes are looking naturally, especially the youth, whose eyes are often looking down at their cell phones! They are a great option to promote any product or brand quickly. Moreover, they can be installed at:

– Transit Stations

– Stadiums

– Airports

– Shopping Centers

– Anywhere else that has high visibility

Why are they Highly Effective in Retail Merchandising?

Recently, most of the retail stores that are applying these print media draw customer attention, announcing their latest promotions. Retail companies want to market their products aggressively, and in a compelling way, with them because they seem to jump out of the floor and grab customer attention. They want to bring their product, or service, to life and this kind of medium the right option for them. They are realizing that they are perfect in creating economical advertising that can deliver their message to targeted consumers.

They are typically created with adhesive backed vinyl and are made with a UL-rated non-slip lamination over its top to protect it from traffic. They are also easy to order using the fast quote form.

To summarize, 3D floor graphics grab potential customers’ eye when you need to promote a new product, provide a new service, or just to let customers know what they can find in your store, as well as for specific items and offers.