4 Energy Saving Air Conditioners In India

As the cost of electricity keeps on going up, it’s paramount that you go for devices that consume minimal amounts of power. If you are interested in buying an air conditioner in India, here are some of the most energy efficient conditioners that you can go for.


It comes with a twin rotary compressor which means that it cools the air within a very short time. It also has an auto power save mode that plays a major role in saving energy.

In addition to the above, the device also has an advanced off-timer with Kaimin, circulation mode, filter clean indicator, high capacity compressor, and minus Ion stick.

If you are planning of placing the air conditioner indoors you should go for one that measures 1150 x 245 x 333 mm; however, if you are interested in a device to place outdoors you should go for one measuring 950 x 460 x 740 mm.

Hitachi RAU230HUD

This is a 2.5 ton unit that has a cooling capacity of 8725 Watts, a consumption of 2825 Watts, and an EER ratio of 3.09. To ensure that the air is fully filtered, it comes with a Nano titanium filter. There is also a filter clean indicator that lets you know when the filter needs to be changed.

If placing it indoors you should go for one measuring 1150 x 245 x 333 mm; however, if planning of placing it outdoors you should go for one measuring 950 x 460 x 740 mm. Although, the device has two compressors, it’s usually very silent; therefore, there is no noise to distract you.

Mitsubishi SRK26CNS-S6

It’s a 2 ton unit with a cooling capacity of 7400 Watts and a power consumption of 2065 Watts. It measures 318 x 1098 x 248 mm and covers an area of up to 250 square feet. The good side with it is that it comes with a special filter that combines enzyme and solar features. Its operation range is 46 degrees Celsius.


This is a 1.2 ton windows air conditioner that has a cooling capacity of 3870 watts and a 6th sense energy saver that intelligently senses and adjusts the temperature in the room. To enhance the cooling capacity and power saving, the unit also has an MPFI technology that brings about rapid heat exchange.

The unit has a 6th sense sleep and auto restart; therefore, when the temperature is uncomfortably cold, it switches itself off and when the temperature reaches its set temperature it restarts.