4 Most Common Corn Snake Diseases – Your Help is Needed

Improper feeding and wrong set up of housing and caging can really affect the corn snake’s health. Some diseases are fungal and some are bacterial. If you noticed that your corn snake has one of the symptoms or diseases, then you should seek professional help for them to introduce proper aid and medications. Did you know that there are many corn snake diseases that can affect your corn snake? Most of these diseases are transmitted by other infected corn snake or by the food you provide them and yes, even the surroundings and housing you set up for them.

Too hot or too cold temperature of their housing can really contribute diseases and symptoms on your corn snake. That is why you must be sure that you provide the right housing for your corn snake as well as the right and proper care to avoid them getting ill. Corn snake diseases are common especially when you keep your snake in the wrong kind of temperature.

Here are some of the common snake diseases and its definitions:

– Mouth Rot (Infectious or Ulcerative Stomatitis). It is a progressive bacterial infection involving the oral lining. The symptom of this is the increase of saliva of your snake. You will see some bubbles from the saliva on your snake’s mouth. The oral lining becomes inflamed and will produce pus.

– Blister Disease. This disease is common to captive snakes. The caused of this disease was a damp and filthy environment. If you noticed some pink to reddish appearance on the bottom-most scales then it is probable that your snake has blister disease. If you noticed this symptom, seek your vet’s help immediately.

– Respiratory Infections. These diseases are very common to corn snakes. The main cause of respiratory diseases among corn snakes is the poor or inadequate housing and caging and even the stress for its surrounding. Treatment should be only introduced by veterinarian.

– Fungal Infection. The most likely spot on snake’s body parts to be infected by fungal are their eyes. This is typically cause by a damp and contaminated environment. Ringworm fungi that normally infect human and other animals can also infect your snakes.

Their life and healthy bodies will only be possible and will only happen if you will treat them right. Corn snakes may be reptiles but remember these cold blooded creatures are God’s creation too. Now that you learn and understand some of the common snake diseases, you should now make sure that you will only provide the right and proper care for you snake pet.