4 Must Have Abdominal Compression Garments for Mothers of New Born

Childbirth is a blissful experience and all women look forward to this life changing experience with a lot of eagerness. The birth of a child however causes a lot of changes to the mother’s body, especially in terms of the physique. With weight gain, extended waistlines, and protruding bellies, a lot of ladies worry about getting back to shape post-delivery. Exercise and diet control are the most obvious means, but these take time. Thanks to shape wear products that are available in the market, mothers of new born can now look slimmer and more physically fit. These abdominal compression garments get the tummy back into shape and give the wearer more confidence.

There are many different kinds of maternity shape wear garments available, but here is a look at four important ones,

#1 – Postpartum panty

The easiest to wear among post-delivery shape wear garments is the postpartum panty. Designed in seamless and high rise style, the garment reaches high above the lower abdomen, thereby providing light compression and a natural and comfortable anatomical fit. It offers crucial support to the frontal lower abdominal and oblique areas. The panty can be worn during day and night time. It can be used either by itself or in combination with a postpartum corset or girdle.

#2 – Compression thong

For new moms who detest panty lines while dressing up for an evening or occasion, compression thongs are the best bet. These garments offer the same support as girdles, but without the trouble of panty lines. They are usually manufactured using the same inner support material as the girdles and corsets, and hence offer the same degree of compression and support in the abdominal area. They are generally designed to be pull-on, sans closures, hence making them easy to wear and move around in.

#3 – Compression tank

Post pregnancy compression tanks take shape wear to the next level and offer support to the entire upper body. The garment offers compression to the post-baby tummy through specially targeted sections that cover the low tummy, side handles, back bulge, and upper body. The tank tightens the mid-section, imparts right posture, and improves the silhouette of the torso by smoothing out the entire upper body. Compression tanks feature seamless design with clasp strap closures for easy nursing access and comfort through every day wear – even during exercise. The garment is ideal for layering and strongly reduces the appearance of bloating after childbirth.

#4 – Postpartum corsets and girdles

The postpartum corset and girdle provide support for pendulous abdomen after pregnancy and help straighten the spine after carrying the baby for nine months. They offer an optimal level of compression that prevents enlargement of fatty cells and helps the uterus go back to its shape in lesser duration of time. The garments differ from each other in design – the girdle is designed to be completely pull up, while the corset contains a few hooks that offer extra support. These compression garments aid in performing every day activities, and are especially useful after a C-Section, or in case of second or third pregnancy. They are great for lymphatic drainage and decrease the risks of fluid collection and thereby help reduce swelling. The garments are perfect to use after surgery not only for C-Section, but also Hysterectomy, Diastasis-Recti etc.

Abdominal compression garments, in current times, are recommended by healthcare experts worldwide. These garments not only function as lingerie, camisoles, body shapers or belly bands, but also as medical garments that help the uterus go back to its place in less time; providing back support and compression without causing discomfort.