4 Reasons to Buy a Desktop Over a Laptop Computer

A few years ago, buying a new computer meant picking a bulky desktop. Laptops were simply not an option because of their size, and cost. Today, however, laptops are outselling desktops, and it can be difficult to decide what kind of computer you should invest in.

But if you are still undecided about purchasing a desktop or a laptop, maybe this article will help sway your mind towards the former:

1. Desktop computers tend to be a whole lot cheaper than notebooks in most cases. While you will be hard pressed to find any laptop below $500, you can find a lot of desktop computer models for a price tag below $500 that will perform very adequately.

2. If you have some important or sensitive data sitting on your computer, it is much better to get a desktop instead of a laptop. Laptops, because of their size and weight, are very easy to steal as compared to a desktop. If there is a robbery at your place, the thieves will have a hard time stealing your bulky desktop.

3. Continuing on the point above, it is also much harder to drop a desktop and cause potential damage to your data, as compared to a laptop, which can slip and fall easily.

4. Laptop computers, because of their small size, tend to overheat a lot quicker than desktops. There is a lot more ventilation available on a desktop as compared to a notebook, and if you are living in warmer climates, you will find that the desktop heats up a whole lot less than notebooks.

Always buy a computer from a reputed manufacturer. If you ware well versed with computer hardware, you can even try assembling your own compute – saving hundreds of dollars in the process!