4 Reasons to Buy a New Wood Stove

Newer does not automatically mean better, but when it comes to the tested technology of advanced wood stoves, the benefits are hard to argument with. Current wood stove models-anything made after the early 1990s and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency-are at least a third more economic than the traditional pot belly stove. That means 33 percent less cash spent on seasoned wood (or 33 percent less elbow grease if you harvest your own fuel). In addition, today's wood burning stoves are nearly smokeless, keeping polluting fumes to a minimum. Let's break down the benefits in a little more detail.

First, Efficient Technology

At the moment you sign the check or swipe your credit card, the economic technology of a contemporary stove will cost you about $ 200 dollars. However, as heating savings begin to accumulate, that investment will quickly pay dividends. After just a couple seasons of use, you can expect your stove to have paid for itself-and thereafter you're moving further and further into the black with every fire you build. It's not hard to see why many homeowners find this kind of math attractive.

Second, Green Safety

Modern stoves give off 90 percent fewer fumes than the traditional models, which amounts to fires that are often smokeless. Practically, this means no dark, heavy smoke, no stifling, harmful emissions, no bad odor. This kind of efficiency makes stoves an environmentally friendly alternative. On top of this, 90 percent less smoke means 90 percent less creosote – a flammable waste substance that accumulates in stove flues. That means you will not need to hire a chimney sweep to service your stove, and it reduces the risk of stovepipe fires to almost nil.

Third, Maximum Wood Economy

This may sound slightly redundant, but let me point it out anyway. Contemporary stoves produce very little smoke, as we saw above-but this is a result of their fuel efficiency. They burn hotter with less wood, and they burn wood completely, leaving very little ash. This results in a smaller environmental footprint, as less wood is consumed. Do you see a theme emerging? More heat, less expenditure. In addition, today's stoves are easy to operate, so you'll spend a minimum of time getting your fires lit. No tinkering with a quirky machine to get the air flow right and the fire started.

Fourth, Wood Stove Style

This may be the last thing you think about, but it needs to be said: Today's stoves are much better looking than their predecessors. Advanced modern designs give us a pay-off in aesthetic terms as well. Stoves you'll look at now showcase graceful lines, custom colors, and stone and enamel materials in addition to classic cast iron and welded steel models. Contemporary stoves feature self-cleaning glass windows, which allow you to keep an eye on fires and make adjustments if necessary. But probably better than that, it allows you to curl up and watch the flames dance.

Convinced yet? By going with a new stove, you'll gain a radiant heating source that pads your bank account while adding to the beauty of your home.