4 Satellite Television Benefits to Make You Switch

It's time to make the right choice, the choice that you have long deserved and leave the intolerable past behind. If you're sick of paying too much money for the same programs and relentlessly poor picture quality, it's time to make a switch from cable to satellite TV.

Pay Less for More

Is not the concept irresistible? How many companies do you think are able to match such an offer? But in the case of satellite TV, whether you're applying for Direct TV or Dish Network, this is certainly true.

Monthly fees for satellite TV are very much cheaper than those for cable TV. In spite of that, however, satellite TV companies still manage to offer greater value for their packages. For one thing, you're given a choice on something you had no say over when it came to cable TV.

Satellite TV gives you a wide range of programming packages designed to appeal to all kinds of TV viewers. But if none of these packages can manage to induce your TV appetite then no worries because satellite TV companies offer flexible arrangements so that you could ultimately come up with your ideal package.

Moreover, satellite TV companies, unlike cable providers, do not charge their subscribers, whether old or new, for installation and activation. Best of all, you can enjoy the same privilege for up to four sets in a single location.

Impressive 100% Digital Quality

Some promises are difficult to keep and as far as cable TV companies are concerned, giving their subscribers 100% digital quality programming is one such promise. But this kind of promise is ridiculously easy for satellite TV companies to commit to. Post why? Because they've already done it and you can start enjoying the same unparalleled TV experience as soon as you apply for satellite TV.

Digital quality programming is superior to analog TV for various reasons. Not only does it render sharper and clearer pictures but it's also more reliable and do not rely on cable lines or TV antenna to give you the kind of TV experience you deserve.

Better and Greater Hardware Benefits

DVR function is desirable for anyone because it allows you to record your favorite TV shows while you're away. Although some cable TV companies do offer this, they do so at a price. With satellite TV companies, on the other hand, DVR function is something you can avail of for free and you do not even have to sign up for their most comprehensive package.

DVR function from satellite TV is also more advanced than what's offered by cable competitors. Your recordings are immediately stored in your satellite TV system; you do not need to purchase or attach another storage device. Your system also has greater hard disk capabilities, allowing you to record most, if not all, of your favorite shows.

Last but not the least, DVR function from satellite TV is highly interactive, putting you on the driver's seat when watching live programming. You can press Pause if you wish to go to the bathroom and Rewind if you think you like to play back your favorite parts of the show.

The Best Programming Choices

Satellite TV has almost three hundred channels for you to choose from. Besides local channels, you also have the chance to include international channels in your program package. Depending on your choice of satellite TV provider, you could also gain access to exclusive shows like NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hot Pass.