4 Things to Consider When Choosing LED Bulbs

General-purpose LED bulbs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths to illuminate the home or office to match the specific needs. While the LED bulbs are more energy-efficient, they are still able to provide a light source that is virtually identical in quality to the previous incandescent lights. There is an array of benefits that come from investing in the LED bulbs such as giving off a great light source, long usable lifespan (25,000 to 50,000 hours), and being environmentally friendly. Also, the components used to make these lights have slowly reduced in price over the years, which make them much more attractive to purchase.

Here are four things to consider when choosing the right LED bulbs:


LED Bulbs are available in a variety of different shapes which give different looks and characteristics. Some of the common bulb shapes include traditional, spiral, candle, spot, stick, and globe. The different bulb shapes provide a source of light that slightly varies in relation to the angle and spread. A globe bulb is a perfect choice for those preferring a 360 degree spread, while a spotlight is more practical to emit a narrow beam that lights up a specific area. The classic globe is the most popular choice in the market and a preferred choice for floor, wall, and table lamps. Also, most of the bulbs come with choice of a clear or opaque (frosted) finishes.


The choice of a dimmable or non-dimmable light is down to personal preference, but it is still important to have the proper light circuit in place. Dimmable lamps should only be used with a compatible circuit. Avoid using a dimmable set-up with a non-dimmable circuit because this can lead to significant damage even if there is no intention to make use of the dimmable feature.

Light color

The preferred light color is one aspect that mostly relates to personal preference and use. The color of the light is rated using the Kelvin (K) scale. The most common rating for the LED bulbs is 2,700-3,000 K which is similar to the light quality emitted by the incandescent bulbs. This type of light gives a warm, yellow output. But for those that prefer the modern and clean lighting used in contemporary, retail, and commercial areas, it is necessary to use the bulbs with a 4,000-5,000 K rating.

Base Configuration

Similar to the old incandescent bulbs, the base configuration on the LED bulbs can vary and include a choice of pin bases. The most common fixture for household lighting is the screw-in or Edison bases. It usually benefits to take the old bulb to the store to make it easier to buy a replacement with the correct base type and size.