4 Tips to Get a Lean, Flat Stomach

To get a lean stomach depends on more than just one thing. Many people believe that getting flat abs takes nothing more than doing sit-ups. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article I'll layout 4 tips to help you get a flat belly. Please, do not just read and walk away. Apply them and see results.

1. Focus on fat loss – Most people who want to get abs concentrate on working their abdominal muscles. That's the wrong way to go. It does not matter how strong you stomach muscles are. Unless you get lean, the flab will cover those muscles. You need to concentrate your efforts on burning fat.

2. Stay away from exercise machines – When you go to the gym, work with Free weights or free cables and pulleys. Do not use single position machines because they can actually cause more harm than good. What these machines do is stabilize your motion so that your core muscles do not work as hard as they would with free weights. They also lock your body into a position which may not be best suited for your body frame. This can actually cause back and joints problems.

3. Do not focus on your abs – The best way to burn more fat is to have more muscles. Muscle tissue increases your resting metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. But it does not matter if the muscle is in your legs, shoulders, back, or abs. We lose fat from all over our body not just the place we exercise. As our large muscle groups are in our back, legs, and chest, neglecting them to concentrate on your abs is actually a mistake.

4. Switch soda for water and teas – Sodas and sweet beverages are rich in useless calories and do not even fill you up. There's no easier way to break a diet than to indulge in them. If you want to get a lean stomach, switch from sodas to water or green tea. I will not go into why green tea is good for you as that will require a whole other article, but take it from me that it is.

Follow these tips and you'll have a much easier time to get a lean belly.