4 Tools to Use For RV Awning Fabric Replacement

Awnings take all the abuse coming from climatic conditions whether it is installed at home or RVs. The alternating extreme sun, rain and even snow will weaken the fabric in the long run and may need replacement RV awning fabric.

The good thing about replacing the fabric of these awnings is that they will help save people money since they don’t have the buy the whole structure again. If you have an awning that needs RV awning fabric replacement, you have to know the tools that you need to use to remove and reattach the new fabric.


These will be helpful for you if you need to drill out the excess rivets on your awning. There are some models, especially those that have been recently released in the market, which may have extra rivets so you will need a drill to remove them.

Vise grips

You may ask why this is important in replacing RV awning fabric on your awning. Vise grips will be used in clamping the roller assembly. It has the ability to reach or extend up to the shaft cap to make clamping easier.


The screws that you have to get are the self-tapping screws. If you are not familiar with these, these are the types of pointed screws usually used by people for homes. You will need to use these in replacing the rivets that removed before.

Socket wrenches

You will use a socket wrench in removing the attachment plate and roller. These items are attached by a bolt in order replace the RV awning fabric. You will use two socket wrenches for both the head and the nut.

These are just some of the equipments or tools that you will need in order to get the fabric replaced on the awning. They are generally the tools that can be used but it is still better for you to consult your manual since there are models that may require additional tools. As you know, awnings have now taken a different style so there might be other tools needed to make replacement an easy task.

As long as you know these tools and follow the guide, you will be able to replace the RV awning fabric in no time. Now you will not only be able to bring the look of your home back to its previous look but also help you save money from buying new awnings.