4 Ways to Use Shed Plans To Successfully Build A 12×20 Shed

One of the most important pieces of information you can have at your disposal when building a shed is a good set of shed plans. When building a large structure like a 12×20 shed it is even more critical to have accurate and easy to understand construction drawings. You will use the 12×20 shed plans every step of the way, from the planning stages to loading the shed with your things.

Four Ways the 12×20 Shed Plans Will Help

  1. · Locating the Shed on Your Property
  2. · Working With Building Officals
  3. · Cost Estimates
  4. · Building the Shed

Locating the Shed on Your Property

Figuring out where you will put the storage building is a critical first step in planning. Part of deciding on how large of a shed to build is figuring out where on your property it will fit. When building a 12×20 shed you will need a fairly large piece of ground to build on. Use the shed plans to physically stake out the footprint of the shed on the ground. This helps you get a feel for how it will affect other things in your yard. If after seeing the footprint drawn on the ground you do not like its placement you can easily move the stakes to get the shed placement perfect. Move it around until you are happy with the shed location.

Working With Building Officials

A 12×20 shed plan almost always needs a building permit. Even if you do not need a building permit it is wise to take the shed plans down to the local building authority and discuss with them what you would like to do. The city or county building department will know about any utility easements on your property as well as regulations on the shed height, proximity to other structures and size restrictions.

Cost Estimates

Having a good set of shed plans and a material take off will make the job of determining how much the shed will cost to build much easier. By sending the material take off to several building supply stores you can get a good idea of how much the shed will cost to build. The 12×20 shed is quite large and therefore will cost a fair amount to build so it helps to have an idea of your costs before you actually go to the store to order the materials.

Building the Shed

After going through the planning stages of shed building described above you will be ready to build your shed. This is where the shed plan really show their worth. If the shed plans have accurate and detailed information the there will not be any major questions about the shed building process. Shed plan information like floor framing plans, wall framing plans and roof framing plans are necessary to insure that you end up with the shed you thought you purchased the plans to. Even more important are the fine details like roof to wall connections and truss construction layout details.