5-ACP Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Review

Is excess water on top of your pool cover going from an annoyance to a major problem? Well check out the review of the 5-ACP Little Giant Pool Cover Pump to see if it is the right pump for you.

Price: This pump is slightly overpriced compared to its competitors. You can save some money by purchasing this pump online, but it is still going to take a hit on your wallet. However, owning a pool is not cheap so this may be something that you need to invest in to keep your pool at its maximum potential.

Extra Features: Compared to some other models, the automatic shutoff switch that comes with this pump can be very important. It also has a stabilization plate will allow you to use this pump for other water removing purposes if you choose. Other than these two features, everything else included is pretty much standard across all pool cover pumps.

Reliability: This pump is reliable when used according to the manual. Unfortunately most pool pumps are not designed to be able to handle freezing. If you allow the pump itself to freeze it will break the motor. However, you are going to run into this problem with nearly all models so when you buy a pump, make sure you are using it for drainage and that you bring it back inside during freezing temperatures. The quality here is about average so do not expect this pool pump to last more than 5 years.

Power: This pump has sufficient power to do the job. Look for this pump to be able to clear out 1200 gallons per hour according to the Little Giant manufacturer’s specifications. This should be plenty thorough enough for your pump

Warranty: Yes, a warranty is included with this product

Overall: This is a very average pump. You are going to pretty much get what you expect out of the 5-ACP Little Giant Pool Cover Pump.