5 Advantages Of Jar Candles Compared To Pillar Candles

Even though pillar and taper candles came well before jar or container candles, it is container candles that have been the most popular type of candle for the last decade or so. Whether or not jar candles are better than pillars is obviously a matter of opinion. Below I will make the argument that jar candles are better in five different ways

Five Ways Jar Candles are Better

Safety. Perhaps the best argument to be made in the favor of jars over pillars is that of safety. A jar or container candle, as the name states is wax and wick contained within a container. Unless you put a flammable material directly on top of the container, it is not going to catch fire. Pillar candles are more likely to fall over and in turn accidentally light something on fire.

Length of burn. Usually, since pillar wax is harder because it has to hold its shape, pillar candles tend to burn a bit longer than jar candles. However, if you’ve ever read the bottom of a pillar, you’d know that you’re only supposed to burn pillars for a maximum of 4 hours. With jar candles, this is not the case since there is no risk of dripping or spilling.

Reusable containers. The great thing about container candles is the container itself. If you are creative, the jars can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You could use one for a change jar or a vase. One could even use it for growing plants. The possibilities are unlimited.

Easy production. Even though it actually costs a bit more to make jar candles than pillar candles, it’s a lot less labor intensive and therefore usually significantly cheaper. For the handy person or the hobbyist, jar candles are also very simple to make. It’s as simple as securing a wick and pouring wax into a jar. Of course it takes a bit of practice to create one that is of high quality.

Higher fragrance load. In today’s world, most people like super scented candles. Here is where jars have a clear advantage over pillars. In fact, jar candles, depending on the type of wax that is used, can sometimes hold up to 3 times as much fragrance as pillar candles. Most pillar wax blends hold maybe 4 to 5%. There are some container candle waxes that can hold 12% fragrance per weight. This means you can fill a large room with aroma with only one container candle rather than multiple pillar candles. You only need a few to fill your entire house with fragrance.

When it comes down to it, arguments can be made for both jar candles and pillar candles as to which one is better. But really, it depends on how and where you want to use your pillar candles. If you’re concerned about the five aspects mentioned above, than jar or container candles would be a fine choice. However, many people still love the aesthetic beauty of a free standing candle.