5 Amazing Model Railroading Secrets

In this article I am going to be sharing 5 little-known model railroading secrets and how you can use these to take your model trains and railroad to the next level. These steps are all very simple so anyone who is interested in model railroading can easily follow the steps and tips with a little time and effort. So let’s get right into it shall we?

Create An Amazing Water Effect – When making scenery for your model railroad nothing looks better and more realistic than water, Wal-mart sell a great material that you can use to make a great water effect. It’s actually used by glass artists and is called gallery glass, the blues and greens make a great effect that looks just like running water.

Train Track Secret – This is one of the best tips in this article! Mix black, white and red paint together and add a small amount of baby powder to the mix. This should come out looking like flaky rust. This can be used on the side of the tracks to make it look rusty and like it has been outdoors for years.

Gaps Between Tracks – Gaps between the tracks is a problem that lots of people have. Use a soldering iron and some solder and melt this into the gap between the tracks. This should be sanded with light sand paper to smooth the track over.

Make Graffiti – This can b used to great effect, use a correction pen that can be bought from most office supply stores and use this to write graffiti on darker surfaces. This can be used on walls, cars, trains and anywhere else you would like to use it.

Removing Unwanted Paint – Some modelers use a specialist paint removal liquid called Caster Super Clean; it’s specially made not to harm metal, plastic or styrene. It’s important that you use it in well ventilated area as the fumes can be bad, it’s also advisable that you wear gloves at all times.

These are just a few model train secrets that you can use to improve your model railroad further and take your model train set to the next level. And if anyone asks you for advice in the future, you have 5 amazing model train tips that you can share with them.