5 Barriers to Successful Selling & Their Remedies

Here are five common and easily corrected situations that keep people from reaching their true sales potential.

Barrier # 1 – Poor Attitude

There is nothing so infectious as an attitude, and no one as good at reading them as a potential customer. Often we think that a smile pasted over an angry face is good enough to get us through. Not so. Customers are on the look-out for deception and are adept at 'reading' sales people. If your face says one thing and your body language, tone, and eyes say something else, you will fail more times than not. To succeed, you must become a master of your own attitude. Learn to deal with your emotions – releasing the negative and keeping those that serve you. Now, pass the positive attitude around, and watch your sales rise.

Barrier # 2 – Lack of Product Knowledge

You must have a solid, working knowledge of the product or service you are selling. In today's information age world, you simply can not fake your way through this part. Consumers are more knowledgeable than ever. Over time you will learn more details and nuances, (often from your customers), but a basic understanding of, and the ability to explain how and why your product or service works is mandatory.

Barrier # 3 – If you do not own it, you can not sell it!

If you do not believe in something enough to use / own / subscribe to / practice what you are recommending, your customer will not want to either. It's surprising to me how many people try to sell things they 'think' are good, but have not believed in enough to own themselves. More and more often today, a customer will ask if you 'own' your service or product. A moment's hesitation while you try to explain that you have not gotten to it yet (or some similar excuse) will kill the deal.

Barrier # 4If you do not listen, you will not sell

Sales are often lost because a sales person is so intent on her internal dialogue and process that she sells on the wrong points. Correct questions and active listening will give you, from your customer's own mouth, the points to sell on. You may see that your product is a perfect fit, but in order to make the sale, your customer must see it also. Learn active listening, and use it to show potential customers exactly how your service fits their concerns, needs and wants.

Barrier # 5 – Failure to ask for the Sale!

It's amazing to me how many 'sales' people never actually attempt to close a sale. Sometimes the sales staff looks to believe that simply presenting their product will induce a buying situation. Some seem to believe that they have asked the customer to purchase, but they are so subtle that the customer does not notice, and walks away. Customers want what they set out to purchase – that's why they are shopping. And if you do not ask them to purchase (either directly, indirectly, or by assuming the sale) they will continue to shop. And they will purchase somewhere else. Make a list of 25 ways and phrases you can use to ask your customers to purchase from you. Include both the minority and the obvious offers in your list. Then be sure to use them at least five times with each customer.