5 Best Android Tablet Live Wallpapers

Indeed, tablets with a blank appearance are too boring to look at. Even the toughest of men would pick a wallpaper design that mirrors his personality. True enough, default home screen backgrounds might not look very appealing, which compels you to search for your own wallpaper from the Android market.

There are several live wallpapers that you can have for your home screen, and all of these can give you a colorful 3D experience that your home wallpapers cannot. Are you having difficulty in settling on what wallpaper design to use? Just keep searching, and you will find these 5 best live wallpapers for your Android tablet:

1. Bubble Pro

Bubble Pro is a pleasure to watch on your screen. Bubble Pro is free to use, and once you have this live wallpaper set on your home screen, you can play with it by tapping the bubbles, where they will burst right from your fingertips. You can personalize the background, as well as the image of the bubble from your gallery. You can also choose tweak the settings that you like to apply, like the number bubbles floating and the colors of the bubbles.

2. Vortex Galaxy

Vortex Galaxy will take you to the deepest and most unimaginable depths of space. Colorful backgrounds of galaxies and stars are displayed in this live wallpaper from your Android device screen. You can feel the energy beyond the distant galaxy from this background. You will enjoy viewing vivid colors of fascinating stars, constellations and comets. Vortex Galaxy is free to use, so you can download it anytime.

3. Jumpgate

Jumpgate is a live wallpaper for your tablet that mirrors the mysterious beauty of outer space. From your screen, you will be able to see the Green Android soaring through space with a jetpack on as it maneuvers its way against the dense asteroids. You will enjoy viewing this free live wallpaper which has several adjustable settings, like asteroid frequency, background color, flight speed, camera speed, star brightness and many more. You can also remove the Android icon, or better yet change it to a full-blown spacecraft for the full version priced at only $0.99.

4. Aquarium

Adding color to a lovely aquarium with lots of underwater plants is something nice to look at from your Android device. You will get to enjoy this live wallpaper by tapping the fish to change their direction, to let them eat, or to simply get their attention. You can also customize the scene by changing the tank toys, plants and number of fish. Aquarium provides you a refreshing colorful experience which you can have for free.

5. Asteroid Belt

Experience the wonderful world of the universe with the Asteroid live wallpaper. From your home screen, you will be able to see asteroids floating from space. This 3D live wallpaper looks great, and what is even better is that you can have this for free. You can change the settings, like the asteroid count, background image and asteroid speed. You can also set the solar system for the background display if you want a more colorful screen to look at.