5 Best Beaches In Spain

Spain is a country which is renowned to offer some of the best beaches in the world. There is a great number to choose from, and visitors do find it confusing to select the right one. Given below are a few of the 5 beaches which is considered to be the best in Spain.

1) San Sebastian

San Sebastian is considered to be one of the best in-city beaches in Europe. It is unique mainly because of its special concept – where visitors can enjoy the beach right beside the great number of historical buildings and churches found in the city. It is a beach which is especially popular amongst surfers.

There are two main beaches on either side of the river:

La Concha: This is the larger one which is protected from the sea and has an island and boats in the bay. It has golden sandy beaches and forms an arc which covers an extent of about 2 kilometres. It is excellent for swimming because of its calm waters.

Ondaretta Beach: This too is on the same bay as La Concha; it is connected to the Concha beach by a narrow walkway which disappears at high tide. It is much smaller than the La Concha Beach

2) Playa de Las Catedrales

Also known as the Beach of Cathedrals, this is located in Galicia, Spain. It is unique and popular because of its unusual and spectacular natural rock formations. The characteristics of the beach with its arches and caves are only noticeable during low tide. Visitors enjoy walking along the beach amongst these exceptional rock formations. Large crowds gather to relish this picturesque sight which resembles church arches. This natural formation is sculpted by the wind, waves and briny waters. During high tide the beach is relatively small, sandy and suitable for swimming.

3) Beaches of Sitges

Sitges is a little town in Barcelona which takes pride in having a total of seventeen beaches of different types, to suit individual choices. If a visitor’s choice is something in particular, this could be found in Sitges. This area is popular for party-lovers; you can party till you drop into the wee hours of the morning. Visitors can be guaranteed a great time during the night and an exciting beach life during the day. It is a popular tourist destination during peak season and on weekends.

4) Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is another of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations which is located in the Malaga region and extends to a distance of over 150 kilometres. Its main attraction is the mild weather throughout the year making it possible for visitors to enjoy the beaches thoroughly as well as enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. There are over 70 golf courses around Costa del Sol and golf-lovers enjoy this facility when taking a break from the beaches. Amidst the endless list of activities, visitors can enjoy horse riding, sailing, scuba diving, dolphin safaris and so much more.

5) Ses Illtes, Formentera

The beaches in Formentera have a character of their own and are often called an “earthly paradise.” Visitors enjoy the turquoise blue waters and the white sandy beaches of Ses Illtes and they are equally popular for a great number of water sports such as sailing, sky sailing, snorkelling and much more. The beaches are complete with a wide choice of restaurants, kiosks, deck chairs,   sunshades  and all that is needed to have an exciting beach holiday. The beach of Ses Illtes is renowned to have the highest number of visitors and it can be reached through any mode of transport including by foot or bicycle.