5 Carpet Cleaning Truths Everyone Should Know

When it comes to floor coverings carpet is one of the top picks. It is soft, warm, helps to insulate the home, is economical, but carpet cleaning can be hard to do. Keeping these rugs looking nice is a battle that many homeowners face. There are a few tricks to carpet cleaning that will help you to have beautiful floors.

1. Blot spots

Whenever something is filled on your carpets you should immediately blot the excess liquid up, but never rub the spot. Carpet cleaning experts tell us that when you rub the spot where the liquid was spilled you cause more of the carpet fibers to be exposed to the spill. The experts say that you should place a clean, dry cloth on top of the area and press firmly on the cloth so that it can absorb the excess liquid. Repeat this process until you the cloth you are using no longer becomes damp when pressed against the spot.

2. Vacuum against the nap

Vacuuming is a large part of carpet cleaning. You vacuum to remove the loose dirt and debris from the fibers of the rug. You should push the vacuum in the direction of the carpet nap the first time you pass over it, and then push the machine in the opposite direction the second time so that you cause any dirt that has gotten used between fibers to be lifted away. This will also help to prevent carpet matting.

3. Test spots before applying cleaning on the entire rug

We have all read the package instructions on carpet cleaners that tell us to use a small amount of cleaner in an inconspicuous spot to make sure that the cleaner is not going to cause the colors of our rugs to run. Most people ignore this step. Most of the time the cleaners do not cause damages to the rugs, but occasionally they do, and when they do cause damages you want to make sure that you have not applied it to your entire rug surface.

4. Apply conditioner to keep rugs soft

Many people who have carpets do not know that when they steam clean their rugs they can add fabric softeners to the cleansers and leave their carpets feeling softer, and smelling nicer. The fabric softener can be mixed in with the shampoo or can be applied after the shampoo.

5. Never walk on wet carpeting

When you clean your carpets you must make sure that you let the area dry before you walk on it. If you do not you can cause matting of the fibers.