5 Chinese Lacquer Products For the Lover of Oriental Arts

If you're into an oriental lifestyle then you'll absolutely love Chinese lacquer products. These products are made from a specific cinnabar pigment that gives it a gorgeous, bright red color. Modern products are made from the resin and molds. The lacquer is put onto the actual product and then each ware is individually chiseled to give it a human touch. This is what makes these products so priceless. In a world when everything is made in bulk, having a product that has been hand made is something really special.


Most manufacturers sell sets of Chinese lacquer bracelets. They generally come in packs of six and in a variety of colors. The colors included in each set are gray, black, red, yellow, blue and green. The bracelets are lightly decorated and the perfect gift for a girlfriend, daughter or mother.

Pen Holder

While there have been different types of pen holders created, most of them lack a certain flair. People want something original that will actually brighten up their table. A Chinese lacquer pen holder can brighten up any dreary office table. They also come with amazing designs. Some of them have dragons and others have scenes of nature.


Chinese lacquer plates are collected by thousands of people across the world. These plates have gorgeous scenes painted on them that are elaborate and convincing. The plates are often put up on the wall or placed in a display case for people to see. They are more like works of arts than dinnerware.

Jewelry Boxes

If you want a change of pace when it comes to putting your jewelry away, then a lacquer jewelry box is essential for you. These boxes are small enough for all of the special pieces in your collection. Depending on your style, you can find the perfect decoration for you.


Chinese lacquer vases are an essential for any home with oriental vibes. These vases create a stunning center piece for any table or area of ​​your home. They have a beautiful hour glass shape that accentuates any flowers placed into it.

Chinese lacquer products are slowly picking up in their popularity due to the fact that they are hand-made and are so enriched with history. If you love oriental products and have not yet purchased a cinnabar lacquer product than you need to add one to your collection. No oriental-themed home is complete without them.