5 Effective Ways to Make Floors Less Slippery

Here are some suggestions on how to make your floor less slippery namely: add a floor coating, Apply safety floor treatment products, try anti-slip adhesive floor tapes, cover floor with large carpet, and refinish your floor.

Floor accidents are difficult to prevent especially in the presence of slippery floors. However, these can be avoided by simply following the safety measures, which are as follows:

Add a floor coating

Apply an anti-slip coating that is intended for floors made of tiles such as in the hospitals, hotels, and even at your own homes. Simply spray an adequate amount on the floor, wash it after, and then allow it to dry. There are products such as the Floor safe Add-a-Grip that has continuously been providing a guaranteed safe floor for about 20 years now. Another anti-slip coating is the WearMax from Global Safe Company. This product is safe since it does not cause any discoloration or erosion on the surface.

Apply safety floor treatment products

Choose from their variety of treatment products that increase amount of friction on the floor. Since not all floors are of the same type, carefully identifying its type is essential, so that the appropriate type of solution will be applied. You can also make your own homemade floor solution using vinegar diluted in two parts of water. Using a mop, apply it on the floor and leave until it has completely dried up. Repeat the procedure at least thrice a week when necessary, so that heavy grime build up will be removed as this contributes to the slippery condition of the floor.

Try anti-slip adhesive floor tapes

To reduce incidence of slipping, try applying safety tips that come in different colors as well as transparent to match your theme. These are made of water-proof materials that can withstand any weather condition. Although very effective, it is not that visually appealing in the eyes of many. This may partially hide the beauty of their flooring.

Cover floor with large carpet

There are types of flooring that are difficult to manage because of their inherent slippery characteristic such as the ceramics and tiles. Experts suggest covering the entire floor with large carpets. This will not only keep you safe, but it also beautifies your home through its various designs.

Refinish your floor

If you have more extra budget in your pocket, refinishing your home is a great idea. You can choose fine sand to create a unique effect, which are polished and applied. If not, you can also have it replaced by other types of flooring such as wood, vinyl, and the likes. However, the downside of this is the exorbitant cost involved.