5 Essential Songs to Learn on the Piano

You want to learn a new song on the Piano but your stuck. You can’t think of a song you want to learn. I’ve put together a list of 5 essential songs on the piano that all players should learn at some point. So if you’re stuck for something to learn why not consider one of these.

I’ve chosen three songs for beginners and two for more intermediate players so players of all skill levels can find something here.

Hey Jude

Most of us have heard this classic Beatles song. Opening with straight forward piano chords it’s one of the best pop songs ever written on the instrument. While the song may sound complex it’s really not that difficult for beginners who know a few songs already to pick up. Once you know the chords figuring out the pattern isn’t that tough.

Don’t Stop Believing

Some people view this song as cheesy, personally I like it. This pop stadium rock song was probably the band Journey’s biggest hit. It’s been covered by many bands, including the hit TV show Glee and also used as the outro for the final episode of the HBO TV series, The Soprano’s. The intro is great fun to play and if you can carry a tune while you’re playing piano this is a fun one to sing as well.

November Rain

Probably not an easy song for beginners to learn but Guns N Roses November Rain was and still is a huge hit for the band and main piano player Axl Rose. It’s a beautiful piano part during the verses and it continues through out the song. You can find versions of this song to play it in a stripped down piano only version online.

Let it Be

Another great Beatles tune, Let it Be is a staple for all beginners. Like Hey Jude this song may sound more difficult to play then it actually is. The chords are pretty straight forward and there aren’t too many difficult parts beyond that. You can find the basic piano chords online and then listen to the song a couple of times to pick the progression out by ear.

Bohemian Rhapsody

When you think of this song you might not think of it as a piano tune, how ever watch a live performance of this song and you’ll see Eddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, playing the piano through a good portion of the song. There are versions online you can find which create some simple piano parts to play during the more complex electric guitar parts of the song.

This is another great song to sing and play if you are able to do it.