5 Essential Things You Need to Know About a DiSEqC Switch

You will need several components to be able to install a free to air or FTA satellite system into your home. If you wish to view FTA programming using several television sets or you are planning to have more than one satellite receiver, then you should include a diseqc switch into your system.

An acronym that stands for Digital Satellite Equipment Control, the DiSEqC is a device that allows you to capture transmissions from several various satellites. This switch along with the satellite motor that changes the position of your dish from one angle into another are usually utilized with FTA receivers so you can gain the best free to air programming possible.

Here are five of the most essential things to know about a diseqc switch before you start using it to become a part of your satellite system:

1. The Basic Need to Know

This switch device generally looks like the common splitters used for cable TV. The simplest type comes with two ports on one side which should be connected to the components found on the satellite dish and a single port on the other side that should be linked to receiver with the use of coaxial cables. The number of ports on the switch depends on the number of receiver you will need to attach it to.

2. The Types

There are several varieties you can find when it comes to diseqc switches. There is the simple two-way variety and those that connect to as many as four or eight or even 16 receivers. You can also find a switch that works at getting transmissions from multiple satellite dishes, which is more known as a sw-21 switch.

3. The LNB Link

These diseqc switches are not connected directly to the satellite dish, but rather to the low noise blockers or LNBs found on it. These devices are known as the receiving antenna that receives the transmissions captured by the satellite dish. Along with the satellite motor and these LNBs, you will be able to get free to air broadcasts coming from different satellite locations.

4. The Free to Air Connection

In general, these switches are utilized along with FTA receivers to be able to get free to air transmissions from several satellites compared to when you have a satellite subscription which will provide you broadcasts coming from only one satellite. FTA programming is gaining popularity in more and more countries and is commonly used for educational, religious and news broadcasts in the United States.

5. The Price

Adding a diseqc switch to your satellite system won’t be much of a burden to your wallet because it is actually quite low-priced. You can get a 4×1 switch for less than five dollars and a switch with more output ports for less than twenty.