5 Excellent Cat Toys and Games That Cost You Nothing!

There are all kinds of fun toys you can buy your cat to play with. But, what if I could show you some really cool cat toys and games that cost you nothing with objects you have in your home? My boyfriend and I have 5 cats. We have learned to be creative. Playing with your cats definitely helps you bond better with them.

Here are 5 cat toy and games we have discovered over the years that really keep our cats entertained.

1.) I call this one “Stick & Rug.” This is one of my cats favorites. Take a thin stick about 18 inches in length. Any stick wil do. I like to use the plastic sticks from cat toys I have. You know the ones I mean. The sticks with a piece of string on one end, and something soft and colorful attached to the string…Like feathers, a stuffed mouse or fish, a piece of fabric etc. Just use the stick part.

Next, you need a rug or a piece of carpet to play the game. Start to move the stick underneath the rug or carpet. The sound of the stick rubbing against the fabric will get your cat’s attention. Also, move the stick in-and-out from under the rug. This will arouse your cat’s natural hunting instincts. They will paw and try to pounce on the stick. Ally, my curious little star, even likes to go under the rug and try to capture the stick.

2.) Most cats love balls. Mine do, but they are not that amused with the store bought ones. I call this next cat game “bally ball.” Take a piece of notepad paper and crumple it up into a small ball. Any small piece of paper will do. These home-made paper balls make great cat toys!

Let your cat see and hear you crumpling the paper. This gets their attention. Then I set the paper ball on a surface near them, like a chair or a table, and flick it with my thumb and forefinger. Midnight, my 4 year old Tuxedo, loves to jump and grab the paper ball and flip it around.

You can also take an old sock and put a crumpled piece of paper in it. Squeeze it a little so your cat can hear the sound of the crumpled paper. Throw it around and see if your cat plays with it. Also, you can tie a knot on the sock with a piece of string. Then drag it on the floor and get your cat to chase it. When they make contact with the sock, the sound of the paper helps keep their interest.

3.) Cats are natural hunters. This next toy/game is a really good hunting exercise for indoor and outdoor cats. You can use any type of plastic bottle, but a 16oz-20oz water bottle works the best. Cut a small round hole in the side of the bottle, about one-half inch. Then unscrew the top and fill it with their kibble.

Start to roll it around the floor and the kibble will start to come out of the side hole. Your cat will see that when they move the bottle around they will be rewarded with food. You can put your cats favorite treats in the bottle too.

4.) Paper towel rolls or toilet-paper rolls make fun toys some cats really love. I like to take the empty roll and roll it around on the floor. My cats like to jump on the roll and give it a good “bunny kick.” You can also take a crumpled-up piece of paper, cloth, or a cat toy and put it inside the roll. Some cats really enjoy trying to get the object out.

5.) Another toy some cats really love is a shoe string. The longer the better. If it’s too short you may encounter some claw action. You could get scratched. Do not use yarn. It can easily break apart and be swallowed by your cat. Drag the shoe string on the floor and get your cat to chase it. If you like, tie

something to one end of it…like one of their toys, a crumpled piece of paper etc.

Besides the totally free stuff, there are also many cat toys you can buy for next to nothing. For example, most cats love a hand-held laser light/laser pen. You can buy a laser light at your local retailer for about three dollars. Use a flashlight if you like. I also like to check my local dollar store on a regular basis for inexpensive cat toys.

I hope I gave you some fun, entertaining ideas for that purrrfect cat in your life. But remember, some cats like to play more than others. Some cats enjoy different toys and games than others. Just like us humans.

Also, always remember to check your cats toys periodically for loose pieces, frayed strings, sharp edges etc.