5 Facts You Should Know About Volcanoes

Volcanoes are relatively interesting. A volcano is an opening that occurs on the surface of the planet. The opening permits magma that is excessively hot, various types of gases, and ash to escape from within the earth. While most of us typically understand the core concept of a volcano, there are still many interesting facts surrounding this mysterious yet powerful natural type of landmass. In this guide, you will be introduced to 5 facts you should know about volcanoes. If you are interested in mysteries of the world or simply have an interest in natural occurrences that the earth experiences, you will find these fact quite fascinating.

1. Volcanoes have the capability of affecting the population. It has been established that massive eruptions for medium to large volcanoes may impact the planet in such a negative manner that it pushes it into a volcanic based winter. As a result, large populations could be impacted and evolutionary based changes could occur.

2. Throughout the world, there are an estimated fifteen hundred volcanoes that could be active at any given time. The most volcanoes recorded in specific regions include both Hawaii and Alaska.

3. Volcanoes have the capability of being dangerous even during the times that they are not classified as erupting. Volcanoes could result in polluting the region that it is located in and could also result in seismic based activity that could result in various types of landslides.

4. The pollution that is emitted from a volcano is actually more dangers than the lava of the eruption itself. The debris that is emitted from a volcano could result in acid rain, which is highly devastating to humans.

5. Many countries and travel agencies make a massive amount of money from the fact that a volcano in their area could be experienced. Many will pay higher rates because they believe that they may be able to watch a volcanic eruption.

As you can see, these 5 facts you should know about volcanoes are not only entertaining, but necessary. By knowing these facts, you could protect yourself, others, your finances, and educate others on the ferocity of these natural land masses.