5 Foods That Help Boost Nitric Oxide

Are you trying to get that extra “pump” in the gym with Nitric Oxide? You’re not alone. Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements have been flying off the shelves of nutrition stores across the country and for good reason. THEY GIVE RESULTS! But do you want to find more natural ways to boost your “NO” levels or even just find ways to naturally “supplement” the nitric oxide supplement you’re already taking? The “top 5 list” I’ve created below illustrates natural foods that contain nitric oxide boosting elements.

1. Watermelon

Probably my favorite food out of the 5 mentioned here. Watermelon is sweet, juicy, and helps you build muscle?!? Absolutely, watermelon contains the amino acid L-Citruline which ultimate increases your NO levels. I love eating slices of watermelon for lunch a few hours before my evening workout. Try sticking a few pieces in the juicer for an all day supply of watermelon juice. It’s a grate way to hydrate and supplement your body’s nitric oxide production.

2. Eggs

Have you stopped eating egg yolk all together because you see everyone on TV doing it? Well don’t follow the herd on that one. Yes, the yolk is high in cholesterol, but the yolk actually contains more nitric oxide boosting nutrients then the egg white. You should leave in 1-2 pieces of yolk. For example, if you’re making a 6 egg omelet, you should throw in 1-2 whole eggs (with the yolk) and make the rest egg whites. This will give you the necessary fat you need and will give you added nitric oxide boosting nutrients.

3. Pistachios

The grocery store would always have piles of pistachios laying out near the produce section. As a little kid I would always grab a small handful and eat them (innocently without paying, I swear I didn’t know what I was doing!) while my mom went shopping. Shh.. don’t tell anyone. But who knew that these tasty little guys could actually help you in your muscle building nutrition regimen? Pistachios contain the amino acid L-Arginine that keeps your arteries flexible and ultimately increases blood flow to your muscles which aides repair & recovery. Eat these in between meals not only for their NO boosting effects, but also because they are packed with fiber that helps keep you full.

4. Lentils

For any vegans out there trying to get ripped, you are in luck! Lentils are packed with tons of healthy good stuff. They’re high in protein and fiber. They have energy producing carbs and they’re low in fat and sugar. On top of all that they are also known to help boost your body’s NO production. I guess you can call these things “magic beans”.

5. Tuna

What good things haven’t already been said about eating tuna? It’s super high in protein. It’s low in fat. The fat it does contain is the “good kind”. And you can buy it from the market for relatively cheap. Wait…

There’s MORE!

Tuna can also help your body boosts its nitric oxide production. Tuna is a great as addition to any of your “big meals” (i.e breakfast, lunch, or dinner), but it also serves as a great snack in between.

So next time you’re at the supermarket, make a go for these nitric oxide boosting foods. You won’t go wrong with them (unless you’re allergic of course. In which case run away from them!). There are a ton of different recipes online to prepare these foods. Utilize them in your main meals as well as snacks for added benefit to your workouts and ultimately your physique.