5 Great Wine Bar Franchises

Do you enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds a great wine bar? Have you ever thought that you would like to own your own wine bar? If you desire to succeed in your own business, here are 5 great wine bar franchises to help you get started!

1. The Wine Loft

Wine Bars are the up and coming business today, having come into their own from being part of a full scale restaurant. The Wine Loft is one of the best wine bar franchises available. Originally opened in 2003, they are growing in popularity every day, and franchises are expanding quickly. With its cozy atmosphere and laid back, no hurry attitude, wine bars are the new image of the pubs of the past. They provide a comfortable, friendly environment for people to get together. The Wine Loft has taken advantage of this attitude and created a very simple yet profitable franchise opportunity.

2. Wine Not International, Inc.

Providing franchisees with a complete training program in wine knowledge and running a wine bar, Wine Not International, Inc. is here to make you a success. Begun in 2002, they are aggressively expanding across the United States and Canada. Wine Not International is especially looking for women to franchise their business. Financing is available through the Small Business Administration. If you have ever thought of running your own place, they would love to talk to you.

3. PJ's Coffee and Wine Bar

Begun in New Orleans, PJ's has been a local favorite since 1978. They began franchising the business in 1989, and have gained a steady following since that time. They have recently ramped up their wine bar franchises and are looking for those who want to go into business. PJ's serves a large variety of wines and desserts to go along with their coffees.

4. Bar Louie

Quickly carving out a unique niche in the wine bar franchises industry, Bar Louie is designed to be the neighborhood gathering place. It appeals to a wide demographic, while still providing a warm, welcoming environment. Bar Louie's offers a great casual dining experience and also provides a children's menu. Originally opened in 1991 in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, they have become a very popular business. One you will be glad to be a part of.

5. The Grape

The Grape offers franchisees everything you need to run an efficient and profitable business. You will be given a protected territory and full support to make your business a success. Along with an effective marketing plan and copyrighted products, the Grape has a very professional managerial program to make sure your business will take advantage of all marketing and sales opportunities. Definitely a business you want to check out.