5 House Styles for Homes Lover

Colonialary House

The characteristics of colonial house follow to Georgian architecture is a square area house, that may have one or two story rectangular shape, roof dormers and eaves-front of symmetrical building with the central door. Straight lines of multi-paned windows with double-hung sash are on the first and second floor. The entry of the house is frequently decorated with classic style such as columns, pediments, pilasters, fanlights, etc. A colonial style house usually has a formally-defined living room, dining room and family room. The bedrooms are typically on the second floor and may have staircase at the center or to either side.

Modern House

The characteristics of Modern House Designs is the house that composed of geometric shapes suit for new technology and young adults, flat roofs and smooth wall surfaces. The windows are set flush with the walls with no decorative trim. The entrance to the house is asymmetrical. Decorate the front of the house with modern style architectures.

Country House

The country houses are usually built in rural areas outside of cities, suitable for people who love natural environment and beautiful view. The characteristic of country house styles are combine several traditional architectural details on their well-proportioned. The house always has gabled roofs higher in pitch than other home styles. Large wrap around porches, cozy facades, gables, lap siding, shuttered windows, and dormer windows. Inside the house, use tall ceilings for ventilate the air.

Thai House

The characteristics of Thai house are different from another style. Thai House use high floor level allowing an average height man to walk under the floor. The reasons of high floor level are safety from wild beasts during night time and used for producing handmade products. The other characteristic of Thai house is a high gabled roof and ample slanting eaves. Forty percent of the total floor area is a large platform area for receive to sunshine and good clean air. The major material of Thai house style is teakwood and decorates with Thai traditional potteries.

Cape Cod House

The Cape Cod house is the most common building type. The characteristic of the house is symmetrical design which front bay central entry, one and a half stories eaves. The roofs are usually low to moderately pitch and the dominant rooflines extend down the front and the back of the home to the first floor. The Cape Cod houses have side gables and a small overhang, a central door, multi-paned, double-hung windows and low ceilings. The floor of the house often uses hardwood.