5 Interesting Magnet Facts That You Might Not Have Known

Magnets are present everywhere even in the appliances that we use daily. How much do you know about these magnets? This article highlights 5 facts that you might have not known about magnets.

Fact #1 – Homing Pigeons Have An Inbuilt Magnetic Compass

An inbuilt magnetic compass helps homing pigeons in finding their way back home even during cloudy days. It is present inside the pigeon’s neck. If you place an extra magnet on the pigeon’s neck, this built in magnetic mechanism ceases to function.

Fact #2 – Magnetism In Trains

Maglev Trains (Magnetic Levitation Trains) run on very powerful electromagnets instead of the usual railway track. This magnetic track is called a guideway. Maglev Trains are best examples of Magnetic Levitation.

Fact #3 – You Can Find North Using Your Watch

Even watches have magnets in them. These magnets can be used to find North. Point the hour hand of your watch towards the Sun. The NS (North-South) will be present midway between the hour hand and number 12 of your watch. Stand in such a position that the Sun is rising towards your right. Point a pencil towards the North-South direction. The direction in which you and the pencil are pointing is the North.

Fact #4 – Even The Sun Has A Magnetic Field

Did you know that even the Sun has a magnetic field around it? This magnetic field and its curved structure can be seen through the bursting glowing gases that erupt from the Sun’s surface.

Fact #5 – Hitting A Magnet With Tools Can Destroy Its Magnetism

Hitting a magnet with hard tools like a hammer can destroy its magnetism. A magnet also loses its magnetism if you drop or heat it. All these activities can result in a dispersion of mini magnets within the magnet and this leads to a loss of magnetic properties.

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