5 Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to focus on Christmas decorating. If you love to spruce up your home for the holiday season, here are a few simple ways that take only minutes to create:

The Ghost of Christmas Past – Use those gorgeous holiday cards from Christmases past, glue them to a string or bit of yarn and tape them on your mantel or between two poinsettia plants for a festive way to remember the holidays of yesterday.

Wreaths – A wreath can be made from the branches of trees or bushes in your yard or even by gathering leaves and painting them. Place a festive bow at the top and you've got yourself a simple wreath for either your front door or inside wall.

Dressing Up the Mantel – String up mittens with wooden clothespins on a long piece of yarn along your mantel. You can also use your children's favorite winter socks or hats as well.

Pine Cones – Whether spray painted a festive gold or silver or left alone in their natural state, pine cones make great decorations all along the fireplace mantel, on shelves or tabletops. If you want to get really festive, you can dip them in glue and add glitter.

Snowing Inside – Sprinkle fake snow underneath table decorations or along window sills to bring some of the outdoors in. Instant mashed potato flakes work well for fake snow if you do not want to purchase fake snow.

Natural Tree Decorations – Go out into your yard, gather up small stick that you find interesting, bundle them together with colorful string and add them to your Christmas tree for a natural decorating touch.

Sweet Treats – Add colorful wraped mats, mini marshmallows and hard candy sticks to glasses for a decorating touch that's sweet enough to eat.

Christmas is the time to really step up your decorating game. Do not restrict your decorations to the front door or tree. Consider lighting your banister, adding decorations to bookshelves or even use your window sill to show off your favorite ornaments.