5 Of The Best Ways to Finger a Girl

Fingering a woman is not the same as putting on an oil filter. She requires more skill and attention than your 1967 Shelby GT. Mustang. A woman needs loving care and your attention. Some of the best ways to show her affection is through foreplay. There are tons of ways to perform foreplay but some of the methods are harmful in nature and should be avoided. Foreplay consists of finger play, oral sex, regular sex and sometimes other forms of sexual activity.

Today we are going to concentrate on finger play. Here are my top 5 best ways to finger a girl.

#1 The Slide Rail

This technique is once she is comfortable, and the fingering has gone beyond the point of getting her wet from rubbing her outer vagina. Use your index finger and middle finger, one on each side of the clitoris. Slowly slide your two fingers down until you reach the vaginal opening, at which point return to the starting position.

#2 Clitoris Stimulation

You can apply your fingers to the clitoris and rub in a gentle fashion. The right amount of pleasure will cause her to climax. There are different ways to use your fingers to pleasure your girl. Some women prefer a dry rub, while others prefer to have some form of lubrication. The speed and direction are important in achieving a climax, her preferences should be considered first. You can use more than one finger and is recommended to reduce the stress on the wrist and hand. The position that you lay or sit in effects the amount of strain on the arm.

#3 Happy Hands

Don’t just use your fingers, you have more tools at your disposal. Your extra hand can be fondling her body in other sensitive areas. If you are lying next to her use your legs and feet to get close and make that physical connection.

#4 Twist and Shout

Push your index and middle finger into her vaginal opening, start slow, and make sure the region is already wet and lubricated prior to penetration. Try rotating your fingers as you enter and exit, this will provide a different and enjoyable sensation.

#5 Discovering The G Spot

The G Spot can be found if you are facing her with your index or middle finger inside her vagina. Make a “come here” motion with the finger. It’s almost like you are aiming for her belly button from the inside. You should be able to feel the spot, as it has a unique texture and feel. Somewhat like the top of the mouth.

So there you have it. These techniques will help you get your women to really appreciate your efforts in bed. Have fun with them, and experiment. In University I was dating a girl that would go crazy for these techniques. She was so exhausted afterwards from the multiple orgasms that we didn’t even get to penetration. As a result whenever I was looking for a release, she was happy to help. Relationships are about give and take. The more you give you more you will receive in return.