5 of the Ten Things to Avoid While Attempting Astral Projection

When someone who has learned something in particular and is trying to help others experience that particular something, it helps to point out all the obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes, and pretty much anything that might hinder the progress of success. Astral Projection is that particular something which we will be discussing as well as those things that deprive others from experiencing the Astral Plane.

Little known things like Pepper, which can keep you grounded in the body, can actually prevent someone from Astral Projection. Even for those who are experienced in astral projections & can do so at will, may still not be aware of some of these practical yet unnecessary boundaries.

These limitations are just everyday things which in and of themselves are not bad at all. Knowledge being the key, “In the know” they can be utilized for your benefit. Many are commonly known to prevent access to the inner planes while others may be more obscure. That is one more reason to collect them all here so as to serve the purpose of a resource of references so to speak.

After all, astral projection is difficult enough. Knowing those things to avoid will save us all our hard work.

So here are the ten things to avoid while attempting astral projection.

Number one and probably the most important is FEAR, As is stated in the Bible “Fear is failure and the forerunner of failure, therefore courage is a virtue.” & “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.” If you have any fear even those which you may not be aware, it will stop you from leaving your body. Fear is the root of most of the evils man finds trouble with.

Then Number two which is very important to find out about and equally challenging, Magnetism. There are electromagnetic currents and energy fields all over the place. In fact if you are in or near a large city the chances are high in finding a place without an electromagnetic energy field. Telephone wires, and power-lines, expel a large amount of Current.

This is also another reason why serious students are taken to staying as far away from man’s thoughts as is possible. Far out into the wilderness or desert, mountains what have you. Places like these are usually the cleanest environment most suited for the tasks.

These are heavy in nature and can have the effect of keeping you there where they are and leaving no trace as to why. Although if one is creative and skilled, these ‘currents‘ of energy can be harnessed and/or used with great advantage. The important thing is to learn about them and finding their direction and measure of power.

Number Three is foods and drink. There are certain foods that are not desirable to astral projection and others that are. It is up to the individual to learn their own Astral Allergies so to speak. Everyone is unique in this, however there are some standards that work pretty well the same for most everyone.

Things like pepper, spices, hot sauces, hot foods and peppers tend to ground the spirit to the body. Alcohol is known to be, (quoting some old obscure guru) “the mestruum for the astral plane” and should not be drank for at least a month before hand.

Number four is not being properly prepared. In short, avoid being sloppy. Bad work can have horrifying consequences. This is to be taken as literal as it can be figurative. In both directions and in every way. You must be in good health have had proper sleep, rest, exercise, well fed with healthy foods.

Clean & organized mentally, with all stress related issues abated as much as is possible. It should be understood that the direction in which you sleep is important too. It would not hurt to have kept a good dream diary or journal as a means to keep your dreams in order.

Number five might sound strange but its true that unreliable expectations can prevent a real Astral projection. Listening too much to what other people tell you about what you will experience can and often will deny you of any real experience whatsoever.

Staying away from any and all Image and Facades of society. An evil that the world indulges in too much of the time is Vanity. It will do you well not to flatter your mind in too much of a way as to dilute the observance of truth for the sake of your pride.

So there you have it. It was a bit longer than intended but these are five of the ten things to avoid when Attempting Astral Projection.