5 Quick Tips to Stage Your Historic Home

Home staging is an important process in every home selling goal. However, the things done might slightly differ from house to house especially if it is a historic home you are going to sell. The task might be difficult especially if you are clueless, so here are 5 quick tips to help you start up.

Clutter clear out

Historic as your house is, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a house of collections. There comes a point that collecting things will make your house crowded. As you stage your old house for an open house, you should clear it out with things that do not tune up with the home’s historic significance.

Highlight the home’s architectural style

One of your home’s defining characteristics is its architectural style. And you should highlight it for potential buyers to see. Make sure that colors and decor will harmonize with the style showcased by each room. Usually the architectural style of the house speaks more of its history than the design elements in it.

Keep the kitchen historically functional

The kitchen is one place in the house that is commonly examined by home buyers. This part of the house does not tell only about the home’s history. It also tells about what types of foods and drinks are usually prepared there. Additional storage is a modern necessity. You can provide this without sacrificing the kitchen’s older features. Home buyers would surely love to see the corner where your charcoal-driven stone stove or your earthen water keeper and other ceramic cook wares that were passed down to you by your parents from your grandparents from their ancestors.

Keep renovations to a minimum

It can’t be helped. Time is your home’s arch-enemy. There will be damages that will come along requiring fixes and repairs to be done. However, you must remember that your house is historic and there are some parts which should not be altered at all. There are specific guidelines issued by the government on how restorations should be carried out on different parts of a historic home.

Tell a little story through minimal decors

Home staging requires most home owners to depersonalize as much as possible. But this principle has a little twist when it comes to historic homes. Sometimes, the home’s history can be told through personal stuff such as heirloom pieces like wall arts, figurines, and even portraits of your ancestors. However, you should learn to achieve a balance in decorating such as it will not appear to be too personalizing.