5 Quick Ways to Establish an Online Presence

Okay, so you're new to internet marketing but would like to quickly establish yourself with a strong online presence. Once a new entrepreneur has a website the first goal is typically to start driving traffic to the site, but the steps I will outline will do much more than drive traffic to your website, it will establish some credit as well. With all of the internet scams out there it is very important to create some credibility so that the consumer will be more likely to make their purchase from you as opposed to someone else. Here are just a few simple yet effective strategies that will allow you to position yourself or your business as an online leader very quickly.

1. Press Releases
I have always valued a press release as the starting point when establishing your business online. A press release will be distributed throughout the internet and it will typically be distributed through a wide spectrum of reputable news sites, so that regardless of what you are selling you will be highly visible to the entire internet, not just your target audience. For your first few press releases you should announce the opening of your business and begin to promote the product line or services that you offer. With the selected press releases you can offer promotions or discounts that you have available to customers or changes in your business.

2. Social Networking Sites
In this era of Web 2.0, creating a profile for your business on major social networking sites can lead to what is in essence a fan club of your business and allow you to directly reach those who are most likely to purchase your products or services. This has major implications beyond creating a fan club but can also allow you to connect to your consumer on a much more personal level. With photos of the store, products or owners the consumer will feel a defect connection to your company and you will remain the first choice when it comes to initial and repeat purchases. This is the most effective way to establish credibility and ensure long term success.

3. Blogging
Blogging is very similar to social networking in many ways and they can be used in conjunction with each other. The purpose of blogging is to keep consumers informed of the changes and progress of your business, services or product line. Blogging will keep those who are your consumers aware of the changes in your business or services. Plus the occasional blog will allow you the opportunity to connect with the consumer on a personal level as blogs are typically very candid and personal.

4. Article Marketing
Article marketing can be a very powerful tool in marketing your new business as it will allow you to establish your business or yourself as a knowledgeable and reputable source for your goods or services. When creating an article you must offer insight to the fact that you are the best source for your goods or services since you have a defect knowledge than other vendors. With article marketing you can also give better descriptions or offer comparisons of your products or service.

5. Video Marketing
In an era where the internet has created a disconnect between the vendor and the consumer video marketing can allow you to bridge the gap. In the past the consumer walk into the store, get to know the vendor and establish a personal relationship. Now you may find it very beneficial for your business to market to someone on the other side of the globe. When using video marketing you can essentially allow your customer to get to know you on a personal level similar to social networking sites. This may ease some of the concerns or hesitations that your prospect client may feel when seeking out your services. Video marketing may also allow you to show off your goods or services in a setting where you can demonstrate how the product can benefit the end user.

Each of these strategies independently can grow your new business very quickly, but when they are used in conjunction with each other you are sure to create a prominent and lasting impression.