5 Reasons to Buy Laminate Flooring

You may be weighing up the right flooring choice for you and your family and are wondering why so many people are choosing to go for laminate flooring over carpets, hard wood or vinyl, well there are many advantages of this type of flooring and this article aims to set out a number of these.

1 – Stains

Stains are a constant hassle for those with carpets or vinyl flooring and have to be treated straight away to ensure there is no staining. This can be especially challenging trying to get red wine out of a carpet, and whilst you search frantically for the stain removal spray with a laminate floor it is simple as wiping it up from the floor as it is stain and water resistant.

As well as being easy to clean up any spillages laminate flooring can easily be kept in good condition as it is easy to keep any rooms with it in clean and tidy and unlike carpet is fade resistant.

2 – Scratches

Laminate floors are also tougher and longer lasting than their competitors and are less likely to be damaged by dents or scratches. In contrast carpets are a lot more prone to damage and can be torn up at the corners by pets, be tricky to clean or hoover and can fade if exposed to sunlight meaning your carpets can quickly lose their vitality. There are many examples of laminate flooring scratch resistance on YouTube that clearly demonstrate this.

3. Longevity

Laminate flooring also trumps hard wood flooring as its longevity and durability mean that it is a more practical surface than hard wood. Solid wood flooring can also fade from exposure to sunlight and is unsuitable for areas with high moisture or humidity levels such as bathrooms or cellars.

4 – Durability

The durability of laminate flooring makes it a great choice especially for family homes where it is hard to keep areas clean while the kids are wreaking havoc. They can come in covered in mud and the floor can be easily cleaned, they can get paint on the floor and it can be easily removed and your pet can walk through your rooms with dirty paws and the evidence is easily washed away.

Due to the durability of the product even the busiest household can have flooring that will stay looking as good as new for longer and will give you a surface you can be proud of when inviting over friends or family.

5 – Value for Money

In a time of economic uncertainty for many families laminate flooring also provides value for money and has a longer lifespan than a hard wood floor or carpet, both of which may need replacing a number of times, while the laminate floor holds up well to the test of time.

So if you want a durable flooring solution that can be kept in tip-top condition in a busy and well trodden house, standing up well to stains and easy to clean, then this type of flooring is the best choice for your home.