5 Reasons Why You Need To Use An Epilator

You must have heard about epilators but the thought of removing unwanted hair directly from the root by using an epilator can seem quite scary at first. Before I started epilating, I read tons of reviews, some talked about how it made their skin soft and smooth while others ranted about the unbearable pain it caused. I still remember how confused and unsure I was as to whether I should go ahead and place the order or give it a pass. I gave my instinct a chance and went ahead with the purchase. Days later the much awaited parcel arrived. I held the electronic device in my hand and angled it at 90 degrees against my leg. I was yet to switch on the device. The mere thought of switching on the epilator made me certain that I would scream my head off. Fortunately that was not the case with me. It did hurt a bit in the beginning, something very similar to the pain you experience when someone pinches you. However, they are not as painful as you imagine- on the contrary it is more bearable than waxing and with repeated use, you get more used to it.

Ready to take a look at the top 5 reasons that will make you want to make the switch to this amazing electronic device?

Skin Friendly

The biggest boon that comes with epilators is the fact that these small wonders are ideal for everyone. People with sensitive skin might have ruled out numerous hair removal methods owing to the sensitive nature of their skin but not anymore. The beauty of epilators lies in the fact that they don’t pull the skin while removing unwanted hair. Unlike waxing, shaving or hair removal creams, epilators work independently and doesn’t need to be teamed up with any chemicals or soaps.

Long Lasting Results

The best way to stop those unwanted hairs from growing back real soon is by plucking them from the roots. Epilators are extremely effective in plucking hairs from the roots and nothing gets better than this! With the traditional options like waxing and shaving, you are sure to re-grow unwanted hair in a matter of 7-14 days with an additional promise of stubble. On the contrary, epilators prevents re-growth of hair for up to 4 weeks. Now, isn’t that amazing!

Gets Rid of the Smallest of Hairs

Epilators have been brilliantly designed to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm, now that’s really tiny. Unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait to let your hair grow back to considerable length before getting it effectively waxed. Now removing the smallest of hairs is possible anytime.


Epilators are really small in size and takes the least amount of space in your bag. So if you are out on a long vacation and you cannot find a salon nearby, you need not worry coz you have this little genius by your side.


Epilators are a one-time investment so invest in a good epilator, for a good investment goes a long way. Epilators have a reputation of providing long lasting effect without being too heavy on the pocket.

With so many online shops available, getting your hands on an effective epilator is just a click away. Happy Shopping!