5 Steps to a Solid Self Improvement Plan

Self improvement is not merely a subject of academic interest pursued by a handful of erudite people. It is something that can be practically followed by each one of us to improve our lives or achieve a specific goal. A self improvement plan is comprised of a series of steps that can be taken to improve one’s skill and abilities in order to make the desired change.

It is important to realize that self improvement begins as soon as the “self” in you assumes control of your life. Many among us fail to improve our lives even after reading hundreds of self-help books simply because the motivation must come from within.

Although there are no specific set of rules applicable to self improvement because every individual has different goals, there are some common steps you can follow.

1. Accept: Contrary to popular opinion, acceptance is not the same as capitulation. Acceptance helps you to acknowledge the existence of a problem. This acknowledgment allows you to put things in perspective and gives a sense of direction. You cannot resolve a problem if you do not believe it exists.

2. Make a plan: This is the most important part of any successful self improvement plan. Be specific about what you want to do and outline practical steps for its implementation. At the same time, your plan must be able to adapt to any unforeseen changes coming your way. Stubbornness is different from resilience, so be flexible about plans. But do not lose sight of the big picture.

3. Seek help: Self improvement does not mean that you must do everything by yourself. Involve your family, friends, mentors and peers in this life changing process and see the difference. There is no shame in seeking assistance from those who care about us.

4. Implement and celebrate: It is now time for you to take the practical steps outlined during your plan formulation. Divide your target into a set of smaller goals and take realistic steps. This will enable you to steer clear of frustration. Also, recognize and celebrate every success of yours, regardless of how insignificant it may be. Some people are so focused on the eventual goal that they forget to celebrate small successes along the way.

5. Reassess your plan: Keep reassessing the plan periodically and make relevant changes in order to avoid stagnation. It is also important to reassess your target from time to time as you might have already reached it and it is time for you to set newer goals.

These are some of the ways in which you can make and implement your self improvement plan. Remember, only you have the power to make the desired difference in your life.