5 Steps To Improve Your Snowboard Progression

The majority of us would like to improve and grow our skiing / snowboarding, but why is it that some seem to advance significantly quicker than others? You're investing the countless hours and trying to learn, but it's not going quickly.

Here's a few strategies that you can do to advance and progress more quickly.

1) You should not go too far outside your comfort zone. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need to stay inside of your current comfort zone constantly. Step beyond your boundaries every now and then!

If you're comfortable with intermediate ski runs, maybe you should give a basic expert ski run a go? If you ride a lot of freestyle, perhaps you should have a shot at trying to learn to spin in a new direction.

You'll likely fall a bunch or maybe even face plant, but this really is a part of learning. I would recommend planning to learn new techniques on days when the snow is not rock solid.

2) Spend some time to determine what the proper method is for whatever you happen to be trying to pull off. Practicing the incorrect methodology can not only hamper how well you're progressing, but can also give you loads of bad habits, which will be hard to do away with in the future.

Applying flawed methodology is much like striking your face on a brick wall and expecting to break through. However, having awesome technique is like having a sledgehammer to break down that wall. This still takes some work, but it sure makes a heck of a lot of difference utilizing that sledgehammer!

3) Learning with a friend that can provide you with that helpful push is definitely helpful. You might notice that when you ski / snowboard with anyone more advanced than you, they motivate you to have a go at new things which you might typically not want to have a shot at. These friends can also be a great reference for helpful tips and tricks.

4) Take lessons. This is rather straightforward, but you might be surprised at how much difference a week's amount of classes may make. Great instructors will make things easier to learn, as well as help to fix your riding technique.

5) Video yourself skiing / snowboarding. This tends to make a massive difference. Having the capability where you view your actual riding technique and find out what mistakes you make is an eye-opening experience.

Have a buddy video your riding and view the recording later. Review your technique and look at what actions you can take to further improve. It's handy to have a friend who's experienced watching with you, but if you're alone, you can look at examples of good technique on the internet and then compare your own footage to see what you should change.