5 Things to Look For Before Buying a Fishing Kayak

“If you want fishing experience that you will live to remember then all you need is a kayak.” Those were words that an old friend once told me and they are probably the most honest words I have ever heard. A few years after hearing these words I went ahead and bought myself a Kayak for fishing and since then I have never gone fishing on any other vessel.

Just like me a kayak will definitely give you a good fishing experience but you will first need to get a good one. Before paying for one you should first consider the following.


The first thing that many people ask me about my kayak is how stable it is. This is justifiably so because stability is one of the most important attributes that a kayak should have. If it is not stable you will definitely not enjoy fishing on it as you will always be afraid of it tipping over. Look for a wider kayak since this makes it more stable.

The seat

Kayak fishing is very interesting and so you will probably spend many hours on it. Since you will be seated most of this time, you will need a kayak with a comfortable seat. There are basically two options to choose from with regards to the sitting. These are either sit on top or sit inside. Just as the names suggests, the seats are located either on top of the kayak or inside. Regardless of which it is choose one with a soft and well-padded seat.

Location of your fishing

If you plan to fish somewhere where the water is choppy avoid buying a light kayak since it will not serve you well. If you are fishing in a swamp or small lake then a small and light kayak will do just fine. Location of the fishing spot is also important because if it is far you will need to transport the kayak by car and so you should buy one which you will be able to transport.

Storage space available

For this type of kayak you will need some space to keep all you gear and also the fish that you catch. Ensure that the kayak is able to fit all your belongings otherwise you may be forced to leave some behind which you will definitely not like.

The propulsion system

Choose a propulsion system that you will be most comfortable with so that your fishing will be enjoyable. You can choose between pedal, paddle or even a motorized kayak if you don’t like rowing. A paddle is the most popular, and least expensive and it will give you a true kayak experience.


As you go out to find yourself good kayak remember that you should also have your safety in mind. If the kayak does not make you feel safe then it is not worth the risk. Having the above tips in mind when shopping around for one will make sure that each of your fishing escapades will be a memory you never want to forget.