5 Tips for a Quick Breakfast on the Griddle

We tend to make things harder than they are. With a little planning, you can always be ready to have a quick, easy meal on the table. Today we are going to use the counter top electric griddle. It’s just plug and play. Or should I say plug and cook. Of course, we could use the griddle for lunch or dinner items, but today we are doing breakfast. Having your ingredients on hand makes it such a joy to cook. So, make the list, go shopping and be prepared.

1. Pancakes: The major saver with preparing pancakes is having all the ingredients and pancake mix ready the night before. Once you have the griddle heated up, you can have the pancakes done in seconds. And be fixing whatever you planned on serving with the pancakes. For instance eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, hash browns or fruit.

2. Breakfast Sandwich: Breakfast sandwiches are so easy and quick. Once you know what kind of breakfast sandwich you are going to be serving your work if halfway done. For example you could grill an egg (hard over easy) or scrambled, cheese (slice or shredded – hot or mild) and your favorite meat (ham, bacon, sausage). Put all that between a bagel, croissant or English muffin and you have it made. There are many variations to making a breakfast sandwich, have fun making up your version.

3. French Toast: I love freshly grilled French Toast; it’s my favorite breakfast meal. You can make your batter ahead of time, even the night before. Also, do not be shy about making a variation of the basic batter or bread that you typically use. Actually, stale Italian bread is a good choice. However, you use pumpernickel, wheat or rye bread also. You never know, you might start a new family tradition.

4. Home Fries / Hash Browns: We often have leftover boiled or baked potatoes and they make the best home fries. To get more flavor you could cook your bacon or sausage first, then use the bacon or sausage fat for the Home Fries. The frozen hash browns are a quick shortcut to some tasting tatters, doesn’t get any easier than that. A little salt and pepper to taste and you’re done. And of course there are many variations to both the home fries and hash browns, so have fun with it.

5. Omelets: Out of all five of these breakfasts, quick and easy items, omelets have more possibility for variations. Omelets can also be the healthiest choice of this group. Just think of all the different veggies and cheeses you can incorporate into an omelet.

I encourage you to use a healthy slant to all your breakfast meals. The list is endless.