5 Tips on How to Work Out Smartly!

Often you see people starting working out, very eager and motivated. They often start to abruptly and end up having problems and finally quit. Such a shame. You see the same scenarios in gyms. This is why I came up with a few tips to put you on the right track before starting your journey to a better health.

  1. I know how it feels, a new year has started and you're motivated, have many new resolutions, and working out is one of them. But before you decide on starting any type of physical activity, consider going to a specialist first and have yourself checked properly. In doing this you'll have a good idea what kind of sport is suitable for you. As I always say: Prevention is always a lot better option than revalidation!
  2. Do not start to enthusiastic! Do not go out and start working out everyday. Make sure that there's at least one day of rest after an intense day! Always give your body the opportunity to recover from the exercise it sustained. It's good practice and it will keep your far away from overloading your body.
  3. Be patient! Rushing things will lead you to injuries. Start slowly from the beginning and step by step you'll progress to another level. Start with the foundation and after you can start on the building part. And most importantly have a REALISTIC goal.
  4. No pain no gain. I remember this phrase from one of the Rocky movies. Ever heard that sentence? If yes, forget about it! It's totally wrong! Whenever you feel pain, stop what you were doing! If you feel pain, this means that it's already to late and the damage has already ben done. Give your body some time to rest and start over. If it lasts go and see a specialist asap!
  5. Make good decision when choosing your sports gear. There's no point in going for the low-priced and low quality gear. Make sure the gear you buy is properly adapted to your needs. Go to the shop and ask for advice. Do not be shy to ask questions. Some sellers will try to sell you the "good" stuff, but mostly in these specialized shops you'll get someone honest (more or less) and he will advise you according to your needs. This will end up a bit more expensive, but it's a good investment that will prevent you from having problems later on.