5 Tips to Redecorate Your Bedroom by Yourself

Is your bedroom looking drab and boring to look at? Has your tiny devil just done some work of art on the wall? Well, don’t blame him, for he too finds it boring. Let’s just ponder about this, if you did have an elegant bedroom you would surely watch his movements every time you saw him with a crayon. On second thought, if you did have an elegant bedroom you would just allow him to use the crayon on his bedroom wall or may be buy a big board for him to express himself.

To cut the long story short lets just talk about the 5 tips to redecorate your bedroom. They are very simple and show quick results. You could also visit an outlet that deals with home improvement products, for you to get your ideas rolling about home decor and may be pick up a few things later on.

Remove clutter – First of all, remove all the small items that clutter your bedroom leaving just the bed and may be your empty wardrobe behind. Discard all unwanted, outdated clothes, books, etc that crowd the bedroom. Once you clean the wardrobe inside out you can compartmentalize each item that has to go in to different sections.

Paint your bedroom – Paint or wallpaper your room with a nice color of your choice. Deep or a dark shade for a bedroom is now in vogue. The lighting should be controlled in such a way that it meets your needs, say if you usually read in bed every night you should get a bedside lamp installed.

Matching curtains, counterpanes and rugs – Check out matching curtains with big floral prints, with matching self-color bed sheets and rugs to accentuate the room. Changing the angle of the bed would give you a different perspective. A small rug placed at the side of your bed would give your feet a soft landing when you wake up every morning.

Add a personal touch- Adding a personal touch to your furniture will enhance the ambiance. There is nothing like putting a jar of potpourri or a scented candle on a side table to go with the mood. Get family portraits done of special occasions, do just enough so as to not clutter the place. Hand made flowers do look attractive and are easy to maintain, so why not arrange one and place it in a pretty pot. A friend of mine even makes tissue and crape flowers to add her own touch to her bedroom.

Side table and shelves: If you don’t have extra place in your house, such as a study room, make a study area consisting of a long table to also accommodate a computer, a chair and also your favorite books. If running short of space, a couple of shelves on the wall will not be bad, but will allow you to be more organized and at the same time give you leg space. You could also put your personal items over there.

Once all this is done you are sure to want to spend more time relaxing in such a beautiful setting!