5 Top Reasons to Own a Modern Rice Cooker

Ever consider how owning a modern rice cooker can benefit you? Is your old basic one lever rice cooker limiting you to just rice?. Does it boil over, crust the bottom layer of rice, and just not produce the quality results you’re hoping for?

By upgrading to a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker, most of the guess work of cooking above standard quality rice is eliminated and folks will always have consistent moist, fluffy, and great tasting batches of rice each and every time.

Below are 5 Top Reasons on how a modern rice cooker can help improve your kitchen lifestyle.

1) Higher Quality Rice

By using Fuzzy Logic technology, modern cookers make much better rice meals. Such units first soak the rice before the cooking process, and once the cooking does begin will monitor how the rice is cooking making fine adjustments in water temperature and cooking time.

When compared, results are better than an average basic rice cooker or when making it on a stove top and will always be consistent. It may take a little longer, but the texture, flavor, and overall quality may prove worth it.

2) Diverse Rice Settings

Along with having Fuzzy Logic, most modern rice cookers offer the user several rice types to select from. The more common are white rice and brown rice, but may also include mixed rice, sushi rice, and risotto.

Each specific setting is designed to cook the selected variety to an excellent quality and even has the appropriate soaking times pre-programmed as well. The only drawback is this process does take longer than average.

3) Slow Cooking & Food Steaming Benefits

Some models like the Sanyo ECJ-HC55S and the Panasonic SR-MS102 do more than just cook rice and come equipped with a slow cooking benefit that allows folks to use their rice cooker to prepare slow cooked stews, soups, and even delicious homemade pudding.

Such units also come with a steaming rack for making healthy steamed vegetables, seafood, and poultry. Many consumers report that these extra features are very convenient and justify the extra cost of the appliance.

However, most Fuzzy Logic cookers that have this steaming feature are not designed to cook rice and steam simultaneously. The Aroma ARC-856 is the only current model that does.

4) Energy Efficient

Using a Fuzzy Logic cooker that offers the above benefits is a great way to save on energy costs.

Since folks can cook rice, stews, and soups, the need to use extra pots and pans are eliminated. Furthermore, due to the non stick inner bowls most rice cookers come with, clean up is easier which helps save on dishwasher energy costs and accessories.

5) Promotes a Healthier Diet

Having spent an extra penny on a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker, there is a good chance folks will use it more often which can help add to, and benefit a healthy diet.

Eating rice, especially brown rice daily is very good for one’s health so long as there are no fattening additives that are mixed in with the rice, mainly butter.

Using the cooker 2 or 3 times a week to make rice along with steamed food or slow cooked meals is a good way to lose weight and stay away from fried foods or foods with high cholesterol. With so many healthy rice cooker cook books on the market, folks will always have a new meal to discover!

So those are 5 top reasons on dumping your old rice cooker and treating both yourself and your kitchen to a new, more modernized appliance!