5 Types of Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles have become greatly popular in recent years. These products allow homeowners and interior designers for offices the ability to add a great deal of style and composition to a room without having to spend a lot of money or do a lot of work. Many people think of tiles as false ceilings, common in large office buildings, and although this is one type of tile, there are a great deal more choices for both the home and office to choose from. Here are a few of the basic types of tiles available on the market for use in the home or otherwise.

Suspended ceiling tiles are the ‘false ceilings’ mentioned above. These are most common in office buildings and with good reason. By using a suspended ceiling tile, wiring and other exposed piping can be routed through rooms and simply covered by the ceiling tiles. This makes designing a room much simpler and allows greater access to electrical wiring and the like. Additionally, these products can be easily changed out and are very cheap. This means an office can easily redecorate or replace a broken tile with little cost.

Decorative tiles, more common in homes, are tiles that are smaller and usually feature a complex design on them. These come in myriad forms, so there isn’t one single description for the products, however they all have the same installation procedure and are intended to augment the look of a room. They are glued to the ceiling and can be sized to fit nearly any room.

Acoustic tiles can be either decorative or suspended, but they have the added feature of dampening sound. These products will keep sound from bleeding into other nearby rooms and are a superb choice for tiling in rooms that have stereo systems and televisions.

Plastic ceiling tiles are an alternative to the common wood or plaster tiles that most homeowners will find when out shopping. Plastic is cheap, durable, and won’t mold or decay overtime. They are also very light compared to wood so they are much easier to work with. They will have a slightly different look because of their material, however there are a great many designs available.

Metal ceiling tiles are less common, because their look is so distinct. However, for many people this is their appeal. These products reflect a vintage style, and they can be used as part of lighting scheme to help illuminate a room better. These products have less design options compared to plastic and other mediums, however they make a powerful statement nonetheless.