5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Yard Work

There are few people, and even fewer kids, who enjoy working and laboring in the yard. Many parents find it is easier to find ways kids can help in the home than out in the yard. If this is true for you, here are five ways to get your kids involved with outdoor chores:

1. Bring Out the Rakes

Kids love raking up the leaves. This is a great activity for kids. Even your toddler can help rake! Allow them to rake up the leaves and jump in them for a while. Then make it a game to see how fast they can gather the leaves and dump them in a bag for disposal. For younger children you can purchase child sized rakes and buckets for them to use that will make the task easier for their little bodies and hands.

2. Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is an activity that will get your whole family involved. This outdoor chore gives you the opportunity to teach your children the benefits of yard work as you work together to create a tasty harvest.

Before planting the garden let the children help you decide what produce to plant. This can help increase their excitement. While planting or taking care of your garden, keep a small area free from vegetation and let your little ones play in the dirt with shovels. Young children can also help water the garden throughout the year. When the produce is ripe the kids will be able to see and taste all the benefits of maintaining a garden. So don’t forget to get the family involved when it is time to harvest!

3. Water Helpers

Kids of all ages love to play with water, which makes watering plants a perfect outdoor chore for children. Let them fill buckets of water and water your garden, potted plants, trees, and other greenery around the yard. You can also let them help you wash and rinse your car. Watering is a chore that will most likely keep their attention for a while so you can conquer the tougher outdoor chores without much interruption.

4. Teach Them to Mow

Have you considered giving up the mowing responsibilities to your children? Older children can learn to properly and safely mow the lawn. This will save you time, hassle, and energy in the long run. The age at which you let your child mow will depend on how confident you feel in their abilities to mow safely. Younger children can help clear hoses, yard toys, and other items from the lawn before mowing begins.

Don’t have older children to help you mow? You can begin teaching them while they are young. Talk to your younger children about how the lawn mower works, how to add gas, and how to start the mower. You can provide a toy mower for younger children to keep them busy while you mow the grass. Chances are they will mimic what you do and begin to have an understanding for how the process works.

5. Sweeping & Wiping

Children can sweep grass clippings off walkways and the driveway so it doesn’t get tracked indoors. They can also sweep off the patio deck to remove dirt, grass, leaves, and other debris. Another way to get children involved with yard chores is to let them spray down patio furniture and play equipment with a hose or spray bottle and wipe them clean and dry.

There are numerous ways to introduce outdoor chores to your children in fun ways that will leave them eager to help out in the yard. It might take a little time for them to become as efficient at the chores as you, but give them time and help them along the journey and they will get there soon enough.