5 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Small spaces can easily be overwhelmed by furniture, decorations and of course, clutter. Regardless of the small dimensions of any given space, it can be transformed into a bright, enjoyable and functional space with just a few minor changes.

Brighten the Walls

Wall color is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to make a small space look larger. Light shades of blues and greens will make a room appear brighter and larger. Painting trim pieces in a shade lighter than the walls will enhance the look of the room. Lighter trim will add another element to how the walls are percemed by making the actual wall seem further away.

Simplify the Furniture

Furniture can easily overwhelm small rooms. Choosing pieces that are multifunctional, such as a trunk that acts as a coffee table, will reduce the number of pieces needed for comfortable living. Try angling the largest piece, usually the bed or sofa, as this creates a long diagonal line to length the look of shooter walls. Arrange existing pieces to maximize the amount of visible floor space. Avoid large rugs and overstuffed, bulky furniture. Clean lines and small, open-framed furniture work best in small areas.

Reduce the Clutter

We all have clutter to deal with in our homes, but a small room looks best clutter-free. An over abundance of decorative pieces, whether they are picture frames, knickknacks or collections, will make small spaces seem cluttered and confining. Creating one focal point in the room can help the space look larger. Arrange the room to draw the eye to the focal point and keep daily clutter reflected out of sight.

Find the Right Light

Natural light is the best choice for small spaces. Conceal windows with sheer window treatments or keep heavy coverings folded back. Ceiling lights that are fanciful and fresh draw the eye upward. This gives the illusion of greater height to the room and further increases the available visual space.

Add Illusion

Mirrors help add depth to a room by bouncing existing light around the room. Strategically place mirrors around the room to draw attention to the room's focal point. Mirrors do not have to hang on the wall. A mirrored cabinet, glass-topped table or even a shiny floor surface can reflect light and give the illusion of more space.

Make a small space shine by utilizing light colors, natural lighting and reflective surfaces. A bright, well-organized room can appear large and inviting even when it is limited by small dimensions.