6 Common Pregnancy Ailments – How Healthy Eating Eliminates Them

Quite many pains and aches accompany you as you get pregnant. Earlier, most doctors ended the matter aside saying they were a part of pregnancy. However now, doctors suggest a well balanced diet to sort this matter. A few pregnancy ailments which a good diet would help are mentioned below.

1. Gums and Tooth problem

This is one common ailment during the pregnancy tenure. To help keep yours and the baby’s teeth healthy, you need to ensure the right intake for Vitamin C and Calcium. You could chew some cheese and nuts or keep sugarless gum with you to cater this requirement.

2. Eat healthy and be hydrated

Most women feel lightheaded and dizzy during pregnancy, especially when no food intake occurs. This seems to be quite common. This makes it very important to eat all through the day and also keep snacking regularly. Snacks need to be healthy and one should stay away from the junk stuff as much as possible. The junk stuff provides immediate rush in energy levels, but subsequently leaves you with a worse feeling than what you did before having them. It is very essential to keep the body well hydrated. Drinking and snacking would boost the blood sugar by keeping you well hydrated. You could fight dizziness when the hydration is ample.

3. Leg cramps

In the second trimester, one may wake up in the middle of the night getting into leg cramps. When you lack enough calcium content in your body, leg cramps become apparent. Some say that lack in magnesium levels often result in leg cramps while others blame dehydration for the same. In anyway, you need to ensure ample supply of calcium and magnesium to avoid this. You could as well take a piece of cheese or a glass of milk before turning to sleep so that you get rid of leg cramps. Ascertain to take a minimum of eight glasses of water so that you remain well hydrated.

4. Swellings

This is another instance of a pain in pregnancy. A small amount of swelling is healthy and normal during the pregnancy tenure; however, severe cases could be signs of preeclampsia. Approximately 75 % of pregnant women experience swellings of some sort. Excess water retention is the common cause for this. Drinking good amount of water and avoiding salty food would help in minimizing the swelling effect.

5. Skin

Your skin might appear to be in a situation similar to that of a teenager who is ready to hit puberty. A few of them face the dry skin problem which is easily cured by drinking plenty of water and other fluids to keep up the moisture levels. In cases of flakey skin, you could eat nuts and seeds and more of omega-3 rich foods. Some women suffer from blotchiness and skin discoloration which is often a result of deficiency of folic acid. Prenatal vitamin comes handy in these circumstances.

6. Hair intact

Women, sometimes, are blessed with no hair loss all through the pregnancy tenure as some hormones make sure that the hair loss is less compared to what is usual. Quite few of them feel that the hair is much less than stellar when they are pregnant. This is often due to less supply of vitamins. Vitamins A, B and C is essential all through the pregnancy. Healthy hair and scalp is a result of ample Vitamin A. Vitamin B would assist in hair growth and the strength needed comes from Vitamin C. Every woman should ensure that she gets all three Vitamins in the right proportion.

Pregnancy is, but the most significant time for eating healthy. This could turn out to be the best gift for any baby-to-be. Your healthy food intake would ensure a healthy pregnancy avoiding all uncomfortable aspects of the tenure.