6 Cool Reasons to Become an Engineer

Engineering is one of the hottest jobs around the world today. Many youths, and even adults, these days are already taking up their degree to become a professional and highly qualified engineer. Here are 6 major reasons why it is cool to become an engineer.

1. High Salary – one of the major reasons why most people these days tend to take up engineering is because of the fact that it is a well-paying job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting salary for an engineer averages is an eye-popping 5-digit dollar. This is a great rate already to start living on your own.

2. Help Change the Future – one of the roles of engineer in the community is to help develop or enhance and protect the environment. Engineers these days are becoming aware and are being thought certain ways to help them improve the environment. Some of them make their designs in a manner that it is eco-friendly and may even help the "healing" of our polluted environment.

3. Travel the Globe – if you are working or planning to work in a company, then chances are you are going to be able to travel in different places. Most companies are not just based on a single location. Some of their projects will require you to travel to different places. If you are fond of travelling, then you will surely love this job.

4. Challenging – engineers are known to be good at solving problems. Engineering is not just about drawing and labeling. It is more than that. When designing a plan, you should have proper calculation, scaling, design, and layout. All of these are just some of the things you should consider when making a plan.

5. Unlimited Opportunities – an engineer is an in-demand professional today. Many companies and even government sectors are looking for qualified engineers to help them in their project. Engineers are not only needed to develop buildings, roads, and highways, they are also needed to help develop military jets, tanks, space shuttles, and planes. Some even say that the unemployment level of engineers is virtually zero! With this, you can be sure that you are able to find the right task or project for you.

6. Interact with other Professionals – your work will also give you the chance to work or collaborate with other professionals like doctors, lawyers, geologists, architects, government officials, scientists, and many more. Interacting with these kind of people will also help you understand and give you knowledge on their job as you get to know each other.

Those six reasons why it is cool to become an engineer are just some of the many more. Becoming an engineer will not ensure you of a bright future for you and your family, it will also give you the opportunity to help serve your fellowmen, the environment, and make the world a better place to live. With these things being said, you now have the choice in your hand whether you become an engineer or not.