6 Dirty Home Items You Always Forget to Clean

Even the most dedicated house cleaner may forget to clean some of the most obviously dirty items around the household. No matter how clean your house looks, you may rest assured that you share your belongings with colonies of germs and bacteria. After reading this article, you will know which are the most commonly neglected places, and you can just remind your provider of cleaning services to pay particular attention to them during the next visit or just keep them in mind the next time you are cleaning on your own:

Kitchen handles – this includes the fridge handles, the oven handle, and anything you are touching while you are cooking something in the kitchen. When you are preparing your favourite dish containing some meat, chances are you will accidentally touch the refrigerator handle at least once. Then you will probably touch the oven handles, the drawers and so on. As a result, all these places become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. However, the solution is straightforward, just scrub all the kitchen handles with an antibacterial cleaner or you can also use vinegar and water solution. The choice is yours.

Toothbrush holders – keep your teeth clean and your toothbrush holder even cleaner. Let’s admit it. Most people don’t clean the toothbrush holder every week, but they have to. Fortunately, this one is an easy fix. Just throw the holder into the dishwasher once a week. It’s also recommended to boil your toothbrush in water for 2-3 minutes at least once a week during the flu season.

Computer accessories – some of the most used items in the house are the keyboard and the mouse. Nobody washes their hands every time they touch these things, but they are covered with bacteria and germs. Fortunately, there are tons of computer accessories cleaners on the market. Just spray some cleaner on the keyboard and the mouse and wipe with a microfiber cloth or a paper towel once a day.

Handrails – do you have stairs with handrails in your home? Of course, you do. Clean them up with a white vinegar and warm water solution and a paper towel. First clean with the damp paper towel and then polish with a microfiber cloth.

Light switches – just like anything else on this list, light switches are touched with dirty hands all the time. You can use antibacterial cleaner or water and vinegar. It’s up to you.

Reusable shopping bags – reusable shopping bags are excellent; they keep the environment clean, and it’s the perfect alternative to their plastic siblings. However, they get smelly over time which indicates that they are accumulating germs. Throw them in the washing machine, and they will be like new.

These are six of the most neglected house items you should think twice before you skip during the next cleaning project. The small details make a big difference, so pay attention to those problematic areas and live a healthier life without germs and bacteria.